We do not intend to imply that bookmakers have a lot in common with pirates, other than maybe the fanciful wardrobes and the colourful manner of speaking. In the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie however, there was talk of the “Pirates’ Code”, which was basically, “Them what falls behind is left behind”. That code, or as Captain Barbosa succinctly put it, “guideline”, is particularly apt when applied to the many fine Australian bookmaking agencies. Join Here

The pace and degree of innovation is almost staggering. If you were to look at a bookie website from 10 years ago, coincidentally the year the first smart phone was released, and compare it with the same website in 2017, it would be hard to recognise.

Ubet.com, as the company formerly identified at Tatt’s is now known, has made the realisation that their rivals were constantly innovating and that Tatt’s was losing market share by failing to stay abreast of the offerings of the current, but ever shifting, status quo.

This led them to revamp their website and mobile app in numerous ways and the purpose of this review will be to examine Ubet adaptations and how they fit in with the bookmaking scene, as it today exists.

Ubet Bookies


To describe the measures taken by Tatt’s in the simplest terms, they launched in April of 2015 as Ubet, combining the Tattsbet, Tatts.com, TAB and Tote brands into one single bookmaker. Ubet owns the state-sponsored Totalisator Agency Boards of Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Northern Territory. The process that resulted in today’s Ubet.com began in 2006, when Tattsbet was merged with UniTab in 2006. Tote Tasmania was added in 2011 and TattsBet Limited completed the process in 2015.

They are headquartered in Brisbane and Robbie Cooke oversees the operation as managing Director and CEO.


The key area where they were formerly lacking, betting products, has been the main area addressed by the rebranding of Tatt’s to Ubet.

Other bookmakers were offering a diverse assortment of products on a weekly basis, such as top betting odds geared to the particular Australian codes prominent at various times of the year.

From the Ubet.com home page, scrolling down a bit will uncover a large tab for promotions. Clicking on this tab redirects the visitor to a page showing all the current Ubet promotions.

A key incentive here was line bets that were superior to the line bets typically found on other bookmakers’ sites.

A recent visit to the website in mid-2017 shows seven major promotions:

  • Origin 1st Try Betting
  • 1st Goal Scorer Betting
  • 1st Try Scorer Betting
  • AFL Grand Final Betting
  • Shot Clock Betting for the ongoing NBA Playoffs that varies for every game
  • Multi Builder
  • Easy Deposits & Withdrawals

All of these promotions are simple and straightforward, so no advanced rocket science degrees are required to make sense of them.

The current and ongoing promotions are easily accessed from the banner at the top. The Promo tab remains available when other pages pertaining to Racing, Sports and Live Betting are accessed.

ubet.com is here


While UBET still maintains a brick-and-mortar retail operation consisting of about 1400 betting shops, most punters nowadays use computers and mobile devices-tablets and smart phones-for the majority of their punting. Here are our impressions from visiting the UBET url ubet.com.

Other than the occasional slide show, which by the way UBET, if you are listening, flies by much too quickly even for our prodigious reading abilities, we truly like the website. It does not feature the ubiquitous three-column layout that is prominent on most bookie websites, but it is nonetheless extremely well thought-out and we grow to appreciate it more with each visit.

On a 94 mm monitor, vast amounts of information can be assimilated in one glance. The colour scheme is predominantly black, white, grey and a subtle green, so we did not feel as though are eyes were under assault.

UBET does an adequate job with all three racing codes; we had not trouble locating markets, odds, bet types and time until jump. Just for fun, we had a look at the futures market for the 2017 Cox Plate.

There was only one horse with a single digit quote-we will not bother revealing that horse’s name, but she is quoted currently at $1.70. Who Shot Thebarman is quoted at $201, so those who enjoy a plunge on a longshot might want to have a look.

We found domestic and international sports coverage to be completely adequate, although as could be expected, UBET does not offer anywhere near the number of markets on popular fixtures, such as the AFL and NRL, as do the private enterprise bookmakers, but we will leave it to you to decide if the number of markets offered is adequate. Our opinion is that 57 markets for an AFL game are plenty.

We took a look at the UBET mobile app for our Android OS phone. Other than the malarkey a certain OS system imposes on punters of not being able to search for the app in the app store, we downloaded and installed the app in a few minutes and were performing market research quickly, as though we had been using the app for a long while, so kudos to UBET for making something easy to use, even for those of us who were not born hold smart phones.


Our brief odds comparisons revealed nothing untoward, just as we expected. Bookmakers who do not compete in this key regard are soon discarded. Several racing and sports markets we examined show Ubet to have odds that are in line with our expectations.

Our most reliable information with regard to account funding with Ubet shows that they accept punter deposits via MasterCard and Visa. They work in two currencies-Australian and New Zealand dollars. Withdrawals can be accomplished with the same two methods as deposits, plus Neteller and Skrill.

Regretfully, we are unable to provide any information about Ubet margins. We will forewarn you that if you should enter the search term, “Ubet.com margins,” you will learn more about the ride-hailing service UBER than you might be interested in knowing.


Ubet has committed resources to assisting punters in all areas, with black books for racing, race tips and more. The same can be said about the major sports codes.

The huge feature Ubet supports is the ability to listen to RadioTAB and to watch racing on Race Vision. Certain other sports can also be live streamed.


Ubet may not serve as a sole membership for some punters, but for the majority of people, those who back horses to win or place, and sports bettors who concentrate on head-to-head and line bets, there is no reason not to include Ubet in bookmaker membership considerations.

In this day and age, survival in the field depends on being competitive. There is simply too many choices to do otherwise and our recommendation is that Ubet.Com would be a valid choice for many.