Betting tournaments are a unique approach to online wagering.

In the U.S. where online sports wagering is coming online state by reluctant state, tournament betting of the sort offered by DraftKings was seen as a transparent attempt to circumvent the prohibitions on online sports wagering.

Draft Kings successfully argued in court that its tournaments were not gambling but games of skill. The company began as a way for punters to place wagers on NFL games, but it has since branched out to other codes, such as MLB, NBA, NHL, MMA, NAS and of all things, golf.

In Australia, where online gambling has been part of the societal fabric almost since the internet took hold, wagering tournaments were simply a new wrinkle that combined online wagering with aspects of social media, where tournament players could play one another without taking the bookies on directly.

In short, TopBetta players do not have to outsmart the bookies, they simply have to outsmart the other players.

It seems the much easier of the two propositions.

TopBetta Bookmaker


Based in Newcastle, TopBetta first showed up on Australian punters’ screens in 2013 with a license from the Norfolk Island Gaming Authority.

They operated under that license until they were granted a Sports Bookmaker’s License from the Northern Territory Racing commission in the second half of 2016.

The agency also offers traditional sports and racing betting and it grew by acquiring MadBookie in 2017 and has for just over a year been operating under the auspices of PlayUp Limited.

TopBetta remains an Australian owned and operated bookmaking agency.


Websites and mobile wagering platforms have become our preferred criterion when it comes to bookie selection, as some of the other elements often used for comparisons are beyond the control of the bookmakers themselves.

The new laws that went into effect in 2019 offered plenty of proof of that and the new restrictions placed on the bookmakers had impacts around the world.

The TopBetta website is not the best we have seen, but it is far from the worst. It is a bit plain, which suits us fine, and it uses the familiar three-column set-up, which is another one of our druthers.

The website is free of annoying animations, which is something we appreciate, given our somewhat rudimentary computer skills and the ease by which we can be distracted by even useful things, such as odds changing in the immediate lead-up to an event.

Simplicity is the key operative word to describe the TopBetta website and that is good in every sense.

The main landing page at has a simple header with the logo, the login boxes and the bet slip.

Just below is a horizontal line with links to all the major TopBetta offerings, beginning with tournaments and ending with promotions. There are just 10 options here, so there is no guessing around which to click.

On our most recent visit, there were four tournaments open, but we have seen more and less on previous visits to the website.

Since we are preparing this review smack in the middle of the NRL and AFL seasons, those two season-long tournaments seemed to be the most popular. With 18 clubs in the AFL and 16 in the NRL, each playing weekly games, these tournaments eliminated the one-off element of luck and gave players the chance to recover in the event of the frequent shockers both Australian Rules and League Rugby dish up.

One of the AFL tournaments had an $11 buy-in for a prize pool of $550. A larger tournament required a $110 buy-in for a $5,000 prize pool. TopBetta had two similar tournaments for the NRL.

All four of those season-long tournaments allowed players to join well into their respective fixtures, 28 September for the AFL and 6 October for the NRL.

We have seen TopBetta offer tournaments for racing on other visits, but major racing is almost done for autumn 2019 and you can be sure new ones will appear when the big spring races come along.

Visiting the racing page, we confirmed something we have often heard in connection with TopBetta, which is that they cover the racing codes quite comprehensibly and seem to have an affinity for greyhound racing. All three racing codes offered domestic and international venues.

We switched from racing to Australian Rules and truly liked what we saw.

Right across the top were five Sherrins supplying instant access to the fixture, the futures, the Brownlow Medal, Rising Star and Coleman Medal. This is by far the simplest and quickest method we have encountered for locating those markets.

Each game was given its own line and a click on “More Markets” was necessary to open the popular markets, such as the lines, total score over/unders, winning margin and so on. We counted about 185 markets for one of the games in Round 9 of the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition. We have seen mild criticism of TopBetta for not having as many markets of some of the other bookies, but even 185 is about 180 more than we will ever need.

Switching over to Rugby League, we found the NRL shield where we had found the Sherrin icons for the AFL. This page offered not only the NRL, but also a logo for the England Super League and State of Origin. Very nice.

Once again, fewer NRL markets than other bookies, but more than adequate.

TopBetta Footy


TopBetta has mobile apps for Android and Apple devices that we assume are completely functional and adequate.

The mobile version of the website would be our choice and our visit proved what we have long assumed when it comes to mobile wagering and Australian bookmakers, which is that the mobile versions adapt to various screens sizes automatically and closely replicate the primary website, making it easy to transition back and forth.

In conclusion, we have discovered that we like the TopBetta website more each time we visit and have no truly valid complaints that would prompt us to give TopBetta thumbs down for this aspect of the operation.


Odds have become a low-ranking criterion for our ratings. Years of examining this or that bookmaker have demonstrated that for our purposes, a couple of cents here or a couple of cents there hardly make an impact.

If you are a major punter, with something on many games or races, you will discover the same thing we discovered, which is that there are occasions where TopBetta has a slight edge and others where other bookmakers have the advantage.


TopBetta has various tournament prize pool structures, ranging from winner take all to tournaments that pay down as far as the top 10 finishers. They have a very concise and clear explanation of how these work on their website and anyone interested in the tournaments should plan on spending some time on the TopBetta website.


Directly from the website, we can say with assurance that TopBetta accepts credit cards, BPay, POLi and nab for funding. Withdrawals of winnings can be credited back to the funding credit card. The other option is bank transfer, which is something we are loathe to advocate, because while TopBetta does not impose a fee, banks thrive on them.


TopBetta offers promotions on a daily and weekly basis. Please login to view.


TopBetta is top notch for customer service. They have one of the best FAQ sections we have seen and that is high praise coming from us.

They can be contacted by phone; they have a dedicated email address, which is [email protected] Since TopBetta, with its tournaments, is roughly equivalent to a social media platform, which is apropos. Members can contact them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


We have developed an appreciation for TopBetta that has grown with every visit to the website. That is something we can say of very few online bookies.

Given the competitive nature of the online wagering realm, TopBetta, while newer than many other bookies, has jumped in with both feet to become a worthwhile agency for one-stop betting on domestic and international sports and racing.

For the critics who cast shade at TopBetta for having fewer markets than other bookmakers, we would say only that we would like to see the revenue figures for some of the truly exotic markets and we can speak with relative assurance that no less than 80 percent of the punts placed are for the top three markets in any given code.

We like that TopBetta is Australian owned and operated and we liked that they offered some live streaming, even to someone just visiting the website to have a look around.

We would recommend them for anyone, from the once-a-year punter looking for a windfall from the Melbourne Cup to the dedicated sports and racing expert who routinely outsmart the bookies at their own game.