One of the most versatile and exciting ways to cast wagers in Australia, TAB now offers a wide range of options for both the beginner and the advanced player. A major renovation of the site has helped to make TAB more accessible and has elevated it over some of its competitors. Join TAB

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First, TAB offers its wagering customers more value through offering available odds, something other bookmakers don't do. The real value, however, lies in flexibility. It supports multi betting with up to 20 selections as well as flexi betting for both sport and racing multi bets.

TAB also has features that add convenience, which both novice and experienced punters will appreciate. They have no minimum draw amount, a “Help” section that is very user-friendly for beginners, and they do accept wagers that are larger than what many competitors allow. Phone betting with the “Speech Express” option gives users yet another easy way to place wagers.

The changes have made TAB’s site more user friendly while allowing for an expansive array of options.


Features that helps to make TAB one of the premier sites for wagering.

Despite all of the changes that have elevated TAB to the top tier of sports betting sites in Australia, some problems have persisted.

When members do sign up, they receive a de-personalised account number rather than a more easy-to-remember account name. Some have also poorly reviewed the identity verification options as being unnecessarily difficult, although, in the age of financial hacking, some customers may see these kinds of barriers to entry as a plus instead of a negative.

Finally, for many punters, the bookmaker margin might seem excessive. It stands at 6.1 percent as opposed to the average of 5.1 percent. This ranks among the highest margins of sports wagering sites in Australia and could turn off a portion of TAB’s potential customer base.

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TAB offers a range of deposit options. While these do not include POLi or Skrill, they do accept major credit cards, cheque or money order, Australia Post Bank, BPay, and deposits at TAB retail outlets.

Through most methods, TAB requires no minimum deposit, but through credit card, Australia Post, or BPay, customers must put down a minimum deposit of $20. Wagerers can withdraw funds at TAB retail outlets, by cheque or money order, or via electronic funds transfer.

The site is set up for ease of use in both Australia and internationally. It offers service in English, Spanish, simplified and traditional Chinese, and Japanese. TAB also accepts a variety of currencies, including (of course) the Australian dollar, but also the pound, the US dollar, the Japanese Yen, and the Hong Kong dollar.

International customers should not let the ease of access in languages and currencies fool them, however. Forbidden jurisdictions include the Netherlands, Dutch Antilles, France and many of its overseas possessions, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Hungary, Denmark, and Hong Kong.

While the United States also is listed among the forbidden jurisdictions now, a recent US Supreme Court decision has widened the field for sports betting in that country and international wagering companies might, at some point, be able to take advantage.

Some fees do apply on TAB’s site that not all of its competitors charge. Those who keep an account but have not placed a bet for six months will see a dormant account fee of $5.50 for those in Australia and $5.00 for those outside the country. They do, however, not charge transaction fees.

Identity checks can be more burdensome with TAB. First, they will automatically try to confirm the customer’s identity.  Failing that, the customer must provide proof of identity through various means, including photo ID or authentication with Australian Post.


Six years ago, TAB overhauled its website completely. The changes modernised the look and feel of the site while boosting its user-friendliness.

Sports betting options sit across the top of the page just beneath the banner and in close proximity to the menu, which sits in the upper left-hand corner.

One of the most convenient features of the website lies in automatic reloading of important information, such as changes in markets. Beneath the markets section lies the odds for upcoming events, which can load somewhat more slowly than other site information.

In the betting slip area, those placing wagers will find it loaded with information and features. This includes flexi betting, which is a feature that helps those with smaller account balances.


The range of sports betting options is equal to or exceeds those of many of TAB’s competitors.

Selections cover all of the popular Australian sports and many international options including competitions in Europe and the United States. Most punters will find the selection at TAB entirely adequate.

TAB’s wheelhouse, however, lies in horse, dog, and harness racing. Its racing section prominently and conveniently displays races scheduled and completed. Colour coding indicates whether a race is upcoming, in progress, or concluded. The site also offers multiple methods of conveniently placing the bets.


TAB is part of the Tabcorp Holdings gaming empire, which covers wagering and media, lotteries and keno, and other gaming services. Through all of their services, they boast over 1.2 million customers worldwide. Those betting through the internet, phone, and pay television alone total well over one-third of their business.

The core of their business and mission since establishment in 1994, however, lies in supporting and promoting the racing industry.  Tabcorp does this through supporting breeders, trainers, and other aspects of the industry. Tabcorp does not just profit from betting, but also puts a great deal of funds into the sport that its betting service relies upon.

They also remain active in philanthropy, for example, recently offering a $600,000 drought relief package to struggling farmers in Queensland and New South Wales.

The company holds licences in both Victoria and New South Wales and maintains sites for each state. Those living outside those two states, but within allowed jurisdictions, can choose either site. Once an account is created, however, it may be extremely difficult to switch over to the other site. Both sites offer the same services and amenities.


TAB does have a few barriers to entry and a few extra burdens not seen on many competitors’ sites.

This includes the dormant account fee, somewhat more complicated identity verification process, and also the higher bookmaker margin. Some reviewers have negatively commented on the exclusion of certain methods of depositing, but TAB offers numerous options that most people can access.

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Overall TAB does provide a superior wagering experience for customers both in Australia and abroad.

Many appreciate that they take care of all of their customers. They offer assistance to those new to the site and cater to both high and low dollar wagerers.

Having a wide range of sports betting options at home and abroad, a user-friendly “Help” section, and, best of all, access to a great rewards program, elevates TAB to among the top of a crowded field.