SportChamps is a brand-new tournament betting site that is already making waves across Australia. Join SportChamps Here

This site specialises in offering fantasy betting tournaments in many different types of sports. SportChamps has already earned a solid reputation for its lucrative prizes and unique betting styles.

SportChamps Bookmaker


If you are looking for a new sports betting platform, here are some reasons to check out SportChamps.

Amazing Payouts - Punters that are looking for a sports betting platform that offers huge prizes will love SportChamps. This site pays out over $100,000 in tournament prizes in any given week.


Some sports betting sites only offer up to a dozen tournaments each month. They also restrict their tournaments to two or three of the most popular sports, such as football or rugby.

This doesn’t offer many opportunities for punters with a detailed knowledge of other sports.

SportChamps has a lot more diversity. The site hosts over 500 tournaments every week. Punters can choose from over a dozen different sports, so they shouldn’t have trouble finding something that aligns with their interests.


Most sports betting sites are pretty reclusive. They don’t give betters the chance to talk about their winnings or losses with each other. If you are looking for a more social betting platform, SportChamps has just what you need.

SportChamps fills this void by offering a forum, which the site calls its “Trash Talk Facility.” This is a place where punters can boast about their winnings or lick their wounds after losing their shirts.

Massive Returns By Cutting Out The Bookies

There is no nice way to say it - some bookies can be crooks. They take huge cuts, which doesn’t leave much left over for the punters.

SportChamps tackles this problem by letting punters compete head-to-head. By cutting out the middlemen, they get much higher returns with the same outlays.


Some punters make a single bet and get obscenely lucky. This can ruin the experience for everybody else.

SportChamps minimizes the risk of variance by requiring players to make more bets. They must place five bets in every tournament that they participate in. This keeps a few lucky winners from bailing and draining the pot for the people that actually know their game.


Some sports betting sites make it very difficult to find the right tournament to join. This isn’t intentional. The problem is that their interfaces are poorly designed.

SportChamps understands that punters are usually looking for a very specific type of tournament when they log in. They are looking for a specific prize pool and may be concerned about the experience level of other players. The site has provided a number of features that make it easy for people to sort tournaments to find one that appeals to them.

You Can Sort Tournaments By:

  • The sport that they are based around.
  • The day that the tournament will begin.
  • The entry fee and prize pool, so you can decide whether it is worth the potential reward.

SportChamps does everything possible to make it easy for punters to find the right tournaments.

Very Affordable Entry Fees

Some sports betting sites charge a ridiculous amount of money to join a tournament.

Their goal is likely to attract the most serious players, but they inevitably end up with a smaller cash pool as a result. After all, most people don’t want to pay $1,000 to enter a betting tournament.

The entry fees at SportChamps are a lot more reasonable. Very few tournaments have entry fees over $100. Some are even free to enter. You can enjoy tournament betting on almost any budget.

Very Fast Withdrawals

SportChamps only allows you to make withdrawals with a bank transfer. They might eventually let you use bitcoin or other withdrawal methods, but this is the option for the time being.

However, the upside to their service is that withdrawals are completed very quickly. Many other people that used the service said they collect their money more quickly than they did with other sports betting sites.

Excellent Customer Service

The customer service is also very supportive. You can speak with them in real-time by clicking the chat button on the site.

SportChamps Mobile App


Getting started with SportChamps is pretty simple. You are going to compete in fantasy betting tournaments and earn “ChampCash” (SportChamps’s virtual currency) every time you win.

The betters that make the most with their 10,000 champ cash tokens throughout a tournament gets to claim the cash pool.

Payouts are different for every tournament. However, they usually are divided up so that the top 40% get a share of the pool. Obviously, there are different tiers and the player that earns the most ChampCash claims the biggest portion of the pot.

Some tournaments are a lot more competitive. SportChamps even has some “winner takes all” tournaments.

Players can always convert their ChampCash to real currency.

You will just need to follow these quick steps to get started.


You will need to create an account before you can join. You will need to enter your email address, a unique alias and a password. If you are offered a referral code, then you should enter that as well.

Find A Tournament To Participate In

SportChamps is offering new tournaments all the time. You can choose from a number of sports, including racing, NBA, cricket, NFL and AFL.

Every tournament has a different entry fee. You will need to pay this to receive the virtual cash that you are going to play with.

Start Placing Your Bets

You can place all normal win and exotic bet types. The only rule is that you must place a minimum of five bets during every tournament.

Start Climbing The Leaderboard

Every tournament has its own leaderboard. You will rise up the leaderboard every time you place a winning bet. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the more of a payout you will receive at the end of the tournament.

Most tournaments offer payouts to everybody that scores in either the top 40% or top 25%.

SportChamps Tournaments


Once the tournament is over, you will receive a payout if you scored high enough on the leaderboard.

The payout that you receive is going to depend on your rank on the leaderboard and the size of the cash pool. You can either convert your virtual cash to real money or use it for another tournament down the road.

If you need to convert your ChampCash to real money, the current withdrawal methods are limited. You can only make deposits with a credit card and make withdrawals with a bank transfer.

What Is The Average Cash Pool For A Tournament?

The average cash pool varies by tournament. Since SportChamps is a fairly new sports betting platform, the cash prizes are not quite as large as some other competitors. However, that is likely to change as the platform grows.

Currently, the largest cash pool in a SportChamps tournament was $2,500. Racing is the most popular sport on SportChamps, so you will probably find larger prize pools on racing tournaments.


SportChamps may be a new sports betting platform, but it is already becoming very popular. It has a reputation for offering lots of tournaments in a wide range of sports.

You will find plenty of great tournaments to participate in every day that you login to the site. You also have a lot of discretion when it comes to choosing tournaments based on risk.

If you are really daring, you can choose a winner takes all tournament. Otherwise, there are plenty of other tournaments that give you a good chance of winning a payout.