PointsBet is Australia’s newest and fastest growing sports betting service featuring an all new way to experience the excitement and thrills of sports wagering.

The PointsBet system gives players the best opportunity to win more bets and have more fun. PointsBet also gives you chances to wager on exciting professional sports from around the globe from Australian cricket to professional basketball and baseball in the United States.

The PointsBet system has made this site one of the most popular new betting sites in Australia and its secret lies in the Spread Betting system which is offered alongside the traditional fixed odds option

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Spread betting gives the better different ways to win based upon how the teams perform in the game. It also raises the stakes to provide a more thrilling experience and the opportunity to bring in larger pots.

Using spread betting helps you to make better use of your sports knowledge than fixed odds betting.  It is an improvement off of the fixed odds, win or lose dynamic. Your accuracy and knowledge help you win or lose.  You can choose a variety of scenarios in which to place bets instead of just the outcome. This helps to build bigger pots, but also risk larger losses.

It is important to remember that spread betting encompasses a range of volatility. Soccer has a low level of volatility due to the low number of goals.  Cricket and basketball, however, can produce high volatility situations due to higher scores.

The spread betting system works like this. Let’s use the example of a basketball game between the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls of the NBA in the US. You wager $10 that the teams will combine for 200 or more points. If the teams combine for 200, you win nothing. If the teams combine for 201, you get ten dollars.  For each point over 200, you will win another ten dollars.

You can see how the pots can grow very large, very quickly!


PointsBet offers a wide range of betting options. Among these are a number of potential markets for placing wagers. These are based around time in minutes or seconds for certain events to occur. For example, in an NBA game you could wager on what time in the game a team might complete its first free throw or three-point shot.

You can also bet on which player will commit a foul first and when, how many points a player will have at certain times, and almost any other aspect of the game.

When wagering on AFL games, in addition to the outcome, you can wager on the time of the first goal scored, the time when the teams pass 20, 30 or more points and a number of additional options.

In League/Union competitions, you can guess the time of the first overall try, time of each team’s first tries and more.

For ice hockey, you can place bets on time on the first goal of the game, first for each team.  When betting on soccer, you can also wager on when each team will score the first goal.

All markets have max win and loss levels printed on each wager ticket. This way, you know for certain how much you could win, or how much a setback could set you back. The betting slips also carefully explain how each wager market works to avoid confusion.

The Option to Stop Losses

PointsBet also offers a way for you to possibly reduce potential losses from a bet. In certain markets, you can place limits on your potential losses. For example, if in the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls game listed above, the teams only combined for 100 points, you could lose a thousand dollars. By putting stop loss parameters on the bet, you put a floor under your losses for real peace of mind.

So Many Ways To Win

PointsBet does not just stick to the major sports and call it a day. They give you a wide range of opportunities to play and to win. Feel free to peruse their long list of possible wagering options. With PointsBet, you can wager on any of the following:

  • All racing from Grand Prix to NASCAR
  • American football played in the National Football League
  • Major League Baseball in the US and Canada
  • Basketball from the National Basketball Association and elsewhere
  • Boxing at every weight class
  • Cricket
  • Snooker
  • Darts
  • Entertainment
  • Global & International Politics
  • Cycling
  • PGA Golf
  • The National Hockey League in the US and Canada
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Rugby League and Rugby Union
  • Novelty markets
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Baseball

Of course, not every market will be open at all times. Obviously, most sports only compete during a certain season. When it comes to voting on politics, it must be remembered that countries only hold elections at certain times in certain years so you may not always get to vote on political races in your country of choice. Join Pointsbet Today » »



The easiest way to limit risk of unsustainable losses is to put the aforementioned stop loss on your bet.  You can do this by choosing a multiplier on your bet beyond which the stakes will not go. This, of course, works on both wins and losses, but is a sensible way to keep potential losses under control.

Here are some pointers on managing wagering responsibly with spread betting, especially

  • You can choose a smaller stake size to prevent large losses, but you can lose more than your original stake
  • Remember that some sports betting markets have more volatility and higher possibility of loss
  • Always keep in mind how much you can stand to lose before going in
  • Use the stop loss function to limit losses

You can also use the “Responsible Gambling” function. PointsBet wants wagering to be a fun and thrilling pastime, not a devastating and life changing addiction. PointsBet urges those with other addictions, those who see gambling as a way to earn income, those who chase losses, and those who risk more than they can afford to lose to get help to get professional help.

For those who feel the need to set limits on their wagering, PointsBet offers other features under “settings” that can create “precommitment limits.” You can set limits on deposit amounts, create limit periods from between seven to 30 days, or even exercise a “take a break” function that lets you lock yourself out for up to 30 days. You can also select a self-exclusion option that ends your access for six months to forever.


PointsBet employs some of the best staff in the business to assist customers. Whether you are a wagering veteran or have never been on a betting site before, PointsBet’s people can help you with any questions.

They are also well trained in identifying and advising gambling problems and can quickly connect people with the proper resources for professional advice.


Pointsbet Spread Betting

You can email PointsBet by clicking the email logo at the bottom of the page, or call 13P-BET for more assistance.

Since they do offer a wide range of options, some of them unique to the business, it is a good idea to check out their frequently asked questions page or even call for more details.

Betting with PointsBet is a lot of fun, but you want to make sure that you completely understand the ins and outs of the different betting options and markets.

If you are looking for betting fun and excitement that offers more than the everyday betting on game results, check out PointsBet today!  Once you get to try spread betting and other fun choices, you won't want to play on any other site!