It seems at times as though choices are diminishing as companies decide that combining is better than competing, so when a new bookmaker named Neds appeared on the scene, it was something we figured deserved a closer look.

Neds is an Australian owned online bookmaker that is the creation of Dean Shannon. Some may recall Shannon as the entrepreneurial force behind, an Aussie wagering agency that would eventually be swallowed, for better or worse, depending on your point of view, by Ladbrokes.

Neds went live in early October of 2017. The timing might seem slightly odd. They missed out on a chance to take in revenue from the finals of the AFL and the NRL. On the other hand, they did show for Spring thoroughbred racing, just in time for the Caulfield Cup, the Cox Plate, and the Melbourne Cup, along with all the other Group races that make October and November especially exciting times for racing punters.

From several visits to the Neds website, it seems as though they were in the planning and development stages for some time and did not rush to light up a website that was ill prepared to take on the major corporate operations.

That said, it is hard to evaluate Neds with complete objectivity, because until they have some time to establish a reputation and back their claims, there is no history on which to rely.

Given the intense scrutiny to which the Australian Governments subject online bookies, however, combined with Mr. Shannon's experience and reputation, it would seem that punter funds are safe with Neds and that Neds will deliver on any promises.

Here, then, is a brief look at Australia's newest entrant into the crowded setting of online bookmaking and hopefully some initial guidance to anybody interested in a membership with an online bookmaker.
Neds first deposit math


Even with a relatively modest 40 MBps internet connection, we found that the Neds website loaded as close to instantaneously as could reasonably be expected. We are not computer nerds by any stretch, but we suspect that this may be true due to the fact that as far as our exploration revealed, there are no resource hogging annoying animations or auto-scrolling slideshows. We hope that Neds keeps it that way, not necessarily for page loading speed, but simply to minimise visual distractions.

We truly appreciated the uncluttered layout of the Neds pages. We did not mind the orange on the various columns. Anything is better than red, which as the neuro scientists will proclaim, is a colour known to stimulate impulsive behaviour and the last thing anyone needs when trying to select logical markets is to be goaded into making impulsive decisions.

The website features the familiar three-column approach that seems to fall under the heading of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Punters who hold multiple bookmaker memberships will be able to wade right in straightaway without a steep learning curve.

Viewed on a 600 mm monitor, there is plenty of white space with subtle grey text in a clear font that makes proper cursor placement and link selection simple.

One seeming omission we found perplexing is that at the top of the pages, we did not find an option to return to a Home page. Neither does it seem as though Neds supports any kind of audio or video streaming, but we will hold off until later, because those features could be in the developmental stages.

Overall, we truly appreciated the uncluttered appearance of the website, compared to say, Ladbrokes or Sportsbet, where each page is crammed with so much information that old eyes like ours are forced to squint in order to find sections with which we are not already intimately familiar.
Joining offer

Neds Mobile Apps

Neds offers mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile operating systems. We ourselves are Android based so this is the app at which we looked, making the assumption that the apps for the other operating systems would offer similar functionality.

We began by opening in a Chrome browser. When nothing happened immediately, we took a moment and discovered that our slightly older version of Android is not supported by Neds mobile app, so we could not see any markets, just the spinning beach ball that claimed the site was loading. This seems like another oversight on the part of Neds to us, since other bookmakers' mobile apps function just fine, then again, we still make fire by rubbing two sticks together, so it could be a case of our simply needing to move further forward into the 21st century. Neds only supports Android version 4.4 and above.

IPhone users should not experience any issues, since unlike Android, the app is available in the Apple App Store.


We used to feature these prominently in our bookmaker reviews, but since state restrictions for Northern Territory licensed bookmakers render sign up bonuses nearly meaningless, we do not devote much time or space to them.

Neds does offer a bonus bets promotion that matches a first bet up to a limit of $500. As with the other bookmakers, we expect that outside of Norther Territory and perhaps Tasmania and Queensland, punters will find restrictions on eligibility, but Neds is so new that we are not able to determine with absolute certainty if this is the case or not.

Neds offers its members a Bet Boost offer that essentially increases potential dividends on fixed- odds Australian racing. Adding a market to the betslip will reveal if that market is eligible for the Bet Boost promotion. In general, punters are limited to one Bet Boost per day, but Neds claims that there may at times be special promotions that will enable additional Bets Boosts.

Other bonus offers will be found on the My Account page under the heading of Bonus Offers. This section also clearly states the expiry dates for bonuses of that nature.

Neds does support multi bets. For racing bet types, Neds offers about 10 choices, but in the interest of disclosure, we feel compelled to mention that this information comes straight from the Neds website, as the agency is too new to have much in the way of objective third party information.

Additional Neds Details

Neds only accepts Australian dollars for account funding. Instant deposit options include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and POLi. Clients can also request a Neds Card.

Slower deposit methods include bank transfers and BPAY.

For withdrawal options, Neds listed only its Neds Card as an instant option. There is a bank transfer option that will take one to three days to complete a transaction.
Neds Boost


Being new and eager to gain market share, we found that Neds offers some attractive odds, in some cases far superior to the more established agencies. In other instances, we found Neds to be in line with the offerings of the others.

We cannot supply any information of an accurate nature with regards to Neds margins. We speculate that Neds will be competitive with other domestic agencies with regard to domestic markets, but speculation is all we have at this point.


We feel comfortable in recommending Neds, because competition is healthy. We also have some degree of trust given the experience of Dean Shannon.

We do not feel comfortable recommending Neds as a sole source, but we would say the same about all bookmakers. Shopping for the best markets, odds and margins is a large part of the entertainment value of online wagering to us.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the course of the summer as Neds cuts its teeth and adjusts to wagering market demands and we will have a further look at them when the major domestic markets of the AFL and NRL resume.

For the moment, we think Neds has room to grow and definitely deserves consideration for punters who appreciate a homegrown operation.

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