On 5 September 2013, the switch was flipped, and Ladbrokes made its well-publicised debut as a betting site in Australia. They first acquired Northern Territory-based in the latter part of 2012.

Ladbrokes join now offer

With offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, the company has become a major presence in the Australian betting industry. Although the company itself is global, it hired local betting experts to manage its Australian offices.

With this local input, the company has geared its website,, as well as its software, to the Australian market. Since Australian punters number among some of the world’s most sophisticated betting enthusiasts, the company’s Australian site reflects the market’s character in its branding.

The company’s move to Australia would seem to have two major motivations behind it. One of these would be a new tax scheme in Great Britain, which, set to go into effect, would impose an additional tariff on an already greatly burdened enterprise. The other reason would be the obvious attraction of an Australian wagering market, where enthusiastic punters seem willing to wager on gravity causing objects to fall, if they can just get the proper odds.

In their own words, an “innovative bookmaker,” Ladbrokes’ Australian team has opened up a large range of sports that Australian punters can bet on. The company has committed itself to continue to provide its trademark world-class user experience, deep markets, and leading-edge product innovation to its Australian customers.

Ladbrokes may be new to Australia but they are considered an old-line company that got its start when the British Empire was the greatest in the world’s history. It was established in Worcestershire in 1886 when a twelve-year-old boy named Winston Churchill was too young to be a client.

A colourful company history will be left for others to chronicle, but just for perspective, the operation today can boast of about 2,400 betting shops distributed across England and the Emerald Isle, around 13,000 employees and revenues for last year well in excess of one billion pounds. They have also opened up betting shops in Belgium and Spain, with an additional 2,000 employees providing services through 13 websites tailored to local tastes, using nine different languages to communicate with its diverse clientele.

With its reputation as a world leader in the betting industry, Ladbrokes has wasted little time in coming up with some snazzy new features that make betting easier for its Australian customers. Join Here


After the unfortunate demise of Ladbrokes’ QuickCall feature, due to legislative changes, punters hadn’t anywhere to go to place quick bets on events already in play. It wasn’t long, though, before Ladbrokes relaunched live betting, this time through a feature they call CallMe. Tweaked to conform with the latest legislation, the user-friendly feature helps people place bets on live events easily and quickly. Join Here

Here’s how it works:

  • Whether you’re online at home or on the road, you simply select the “Live Betting” tab 
  • Make sure you’re logged in first 
  • You’ll see a list of matches already in play
  • Select the event you want. A “Call Me Now” button will appear. Your phone number will pop up on the screen
  • Click “Call Me Now.” A member Ladbrokes’ live betting customer service team will call you and place your bet immediately 
  • Easy peasy - and as fast as they come

When it comes to transforming the future of betting, you can bet Ladbrokes will be on the leading edge with more streamlined features in its future.



Ladbrokes is, for the most part, not materially different from any of the other Australian online bookmakers.

This is actually meant as a compliment because if there is one thing that has benefited Australian punters over the past decade, it is an excellent array of betting agencies that have gone to great lengths to combine modern computer and Internet technology in what would seem to be one of the best such combinations that has been devised.

As for specific details:

  • Wagering accounts can be funded with Visa, MasterCard, BPAY and POLi
  • Withdrawal options are by bank transfer, but Ladbrokes has streamlined this process by means of an EFTPOS card that can be used at ATM machines to access cash dividends, usually almost instantaneously after final settlement. The card can even be used for purchases at merchants that support those types of transactions
  • There are no fees deducted from deposits or withdrawals on Ladbrokes end of things
  • Customary ATM fees from the machines’ owners could apply
  • The Australian Dollar is the only currency accepted by the Australian branch of Ladbrokes
  • English language only
  • The odds format is decimal
  • Minimum deposit amount is $10.00
  • Smallest possible online bet is $0.50
  • Minimum telephone bet is $20. This will come into play anytime live betting is involved, due to government law
  • Maximum payouts are not an issue for most punters
  • Ladbrokes margin averages across all markets at 4.8 percent, slightly lower than the average combine margin of all the major online bookmakers
  • Ladbrokes does not offer Credit Betting
  • It will be necessary to establish an identity with Ladbrokes using commonly possessed documents. This can be done online or by conventional mail
  • Credit card deposits will require a copy of both sides of the card
  • It is possible that a dormant account fee of $25 could be subtracted from an account that has been inactive for six months or longer


Mobile app: When you’re on the go, you want to be able to access all of Ladbrokes’ best features, including the new CallMe one. With Ladbrokes’ mobile app, you can access the betting company’s full range of services quickly. If you have an iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile device, you can download this convenient app to make betting on the go easier than ever.

The company’s mobile platform features a user-friendly interface, allowing even new punters to quickly compare markets, place bets on events, and manage their funds with easy deposits and withdrawals.

Multi Maker: Increase your chance of a big win with this helpful tool. Instead of needing to open new tab after new tab, Ladbrokes’ Multi Maker gives you a single interface on which you can make bets on several of Ladbrokes’ many markets. With a user-friendly slider menu, you can switch markets in an instant and set up a multi bet quickly and efficiently. No hassle, speedy multi-bet—this feature makes it easy to capture a more lucrative win with bets on multiple events.

Info Hub: You want to get all the latest information before you place your bet. With the Info Hub feature, you can read through detailed statistics and analyses of domestic sports events, international sports events, and racing events. Their racing section is especially impressive. It is rich in details that cover every upcoming greyhound, harness, and Thoroughbred race in Australia. With such informed betting, punters have a better chance than ever to capture a big win.

Ladbrokes Racing: Horse racing fans will delight at all the features you can access on the Ladbrokes website or app. You’ll see a complete index of all the day’s races and the jump time for each.

Ride Guide: This video tool gives you footage from detailed interviews with jockeys. Riders divulge their racing tactics, their trainers’ pre-race instructions, the current track conditions, the horse’s condition, form, and mood, any potential problems at the barrier, and other factors that affect their races. Ladbrokes uploads these interviews the day before major races to give their punters an edge over others.

Pick Your Own Odds: With this feature, you can choose the odds you would like for each race. Ladbrokes will calculate a winning margin for you. If the horse you bet on wins by a larger distance than that calculated margin, they will pay you based on the odds you chose. With an added feature, the “Favourite vs Field,” you can choose to bet the entire field against the odds-on favourite in any race—not only Thoroughbred races, but harness and greyhound races as well.

Player Bet: For sports events, this Ladbrokes feature allows you to bet on a given player’s performance statistics against another player or a given statistic you believe your pick will eclipse. For the one-on-one bets, pick two players.

Choose which statistic you believe your favourite player will beat the other one on, such as assists, baskets, points scored, etc. For a statistics bet on a player, choose a statistic you think your chosen player will beat during a given performance. With a broad range of player performance markets that include the top leagues in the world, your only problem will be to narrow it down to choose.

Perfect Round: With this easy-to-use feature, you can choose the winning team from several matches within a pool. Ladbrokes will pay out your winnings from the pool’s fund in proportion to your stake. With a combination bet, you can even place bets on both of the teams in a match. If you have a good grasp of the teams and sports betting in general, this feature can help you profit from your research.


Sports products are similarly configured for the A-League, AFL and NRL, so no one will be neglected.

One nice aspect of Ladbrokes promotions is that anytime a market with an active promotion is selected, the betting slip will notify the punter, making it extremely easy to participate without anxiety of missing out. Join Here


You would expect a lot of markets from a major player such as Ladbrokes, and that expectation will be not only met but well exceeded in the majority of cases.

The Australian operation focuses on sports and racing, with a few miscellaneous markets, such as entertainment and politics.

Sports oriented punters will find AFL markets that are close to the highest number available, which is also the case for all the major sports, both domestic and international. Racing punters will find essentially every Thoroughbred, harness and dog race offering.

Betwixt special bet types and exotics, there are over 20 ways to wager, at least on most of the events.


Ladbrokes can claim to have one of the cleanest, most intuitive wagering interfaces of any online bookmaker. Right below the logo banner and login boxes are tabs that will take a punter to racing, sports, novelty markets and promotions sections of the website.

The various links for upcoming events, multis and sports are simply and pleasantly displayed in clear black text on a white background. Ladbrokes essentially took the design of, seeing no reason to change something that was widely acknowledged as one of the best to be had.

With the mobile platform for Apple- and Android-powered devices, you can enjoy all these dazzling interfaces, taking full advantage of the mobile wagering revolution. There are not quite as many markets as there are on the website proper, but only the most critical punter could find much of an issue here.


Ladbrokes could be an entirely satisfactory agency for the punter who wants to have everything in one place. It would also be more than sufficient for the dedicated professional who likes to toggle betwixt agencies for a look at how the different markets are evolving or to find a bargain with odds or margins.

There are far more up than downsides to establishing an account with Ladbrokes, and it is easy to conclude that they are a welcome addition to the Australian online wagering market.