Wines Equivocates on Port Future but Seems in no Hurry to Bolt

Ollie “Fine” Wines is not quite vintage, but after five seasons and 107 games with the Port Adelaide Power, Wines is undecided about where his future lies.

The Power would like to keep him, but for the moment, Wines says he is not ready to sign a new deal, although he did predict that a new agreement will “happen sooner rather than later.”

“Port” Wines may be hoping for Port Adelaide to sweeten the deal a bit, as might be expected from a football player who is among the best when it comes to winning contested balls. He may be hoping for one of the clubs from his native Victoria to vie for his services.

Wines told Fox Sports, “I wouldn’t say I need a resolution, it’s just I’m not comfortable signing at the moment. As far as I’m concerned I’ve got eight months to go (on my contract) and I’ll do everything I can for those eight months. I’ll look to sign when I can, but at the moment I’m just focusing on getting my body right for Round 1 and playing some good footy.”

Wines obviously does not kick a lot of goals for the Power and as a midfielder, that is to be expected, but his disposal figures have topped 600 with 609 in 2014 and 628 for the season just past. He was impressive in 2017 to the degree that he attracted 18 Brownlow Medal votes.

Wines is leaving his options open, saying, “There’s always stuff to consider when you’re going to sign a contract. You’ve got to tie yourself down for a few years, so there’s always people to talk to and things to think about.”

Wines is a part of the leadership group at Port and says that the lure of a return to his native Victoria was not especially compelling and perhaps he feels that he is on a rising team, one that could wrest South Australia supremacy away from the Crows.