Where Does Tim Cahill Go Now is the Question Everyone is Asking

The book is closed on Tim Cahill’s international representative football, a decision Cahill made public after the Socceroos made an early exit to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals.

He still wants to play club football, but the question is where he will do that.

Cahill scored an even 50 goals in an uneven 107 international appearances with the Socceroos, but he is 38 and was released by English Championship club Millwall at the end of the last season, where he seldom spent much time of the pitch.

Cahill was already 19 years of age when Kylian Mbappe was born and time is not kind to the aging legs of football players. In fact, Cahill started playing professional football the year Mbappe was born.

Cahill is now looking at life as a free agent. He played at Melbourne City in the A-League for 16 months in between stints with Millwall, but former Socceroo greats Craig Moore and John Kosmina do not seem to think Cahill should return to the A-League.

Cahill left the Melbourne club in December of 2017 to try and find some pitch time in his quest to qualify for one last World Cup appearance.

He has played in U.S. and China leagues.

Moore told The Courier-Mail, “I don’t think he should come back to the A-League. It’s hard to come back and revisit something you’ve already done. I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Well, if it is true that it is hard to revisit something you have already done, as Moore maintains, it would seem that Cahill’s options are limited if he wants to play club football someplace on Earth.

Kosmina applauded Cahill’s decision to call time on international football and that he expected Cahill to show similar wisdom about his future.

“Tim’s had a good run and a damn good career,” he said.

Cahill could return to the A-League in some capacity other than player, but he has indicated that he would like to play on for the immediate future.