Weather in Spain Hampering F1 Testing Periods

The rain in Spain may fall mainly on the plain, but apparently, February in sunny Spain is not immune for cold weather, and gasp, snow!

Perth native and F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo never saw snow in the town of his birth, as the last time any of the white stuff fell on the city was in 1956, when a light dusting on the Darling Scarp, and then quickly melted away, 32 years before Ricciardo was born.

Barcelona, where the F1 contingent is doing its testing ahead of the Australian Grand Prix towards the end of March, has been undergoing a cold snap, with snow falling and mercury plunging at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Ricciardo wisely chose not to venture out. He had his new Team Red Bull car for the 2018 F1 competition out in England last week, where he had to use caution in dealing with a wet track.

“Normally, Ricciardo said, “I’ll go and have a bit of a look (at the cars on track), but it was like two degrees or something today. Look, I love F1 but I’m not standing out in two degrees to see Vettel or someone drive through a chicane! They’re expecting maybe even 10 centimetres of snow overnight. I’m not sure how much testing I’ll get done …”

If Ricciardo really needs a turn or two around Barcelona-Catalunya, maybe he could get behind the wheel of a Subaru, or something similarly capable of dealing with adverse driving conditions.

Ricciardo is a proponent of F1 testing being conducted in warmer climes. “I think it was maybe 2014 we went to Bahrain and I thought it was perfect, and then they cancelled that from 2015 onwards. I was pretty vocal about it. Obviously Barcelona’s logistically easier and cheaper, but I think it works out to be more expensive because we don’t learn anything as far as understanding (the car).”

With limited practice time, weather delays can be frustrating.

Ricciardo did get out on Monday and the new car ran the fastest lap time of the day.