Tips on Live Sports Betting in Australia

Watching your favourite sport is exciting. How often do you have an instinct that a certain team will win, or just have a feeling about how many goals are going to be scored for the match?

You may be a sports enthusiast and have a wealth of knowledge about sports of all kinds. By betting on live sports in Australia you can turn your passion and expertise into profit – and have some fun in the process.

Soccer, tennis, and cricket are popular in live betting. The World Cup will see an influx of live bets when it is held in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018.

The Live Betting Screen

When you place a bet on you will be guided to a live betting screen. All of the live betting events and current scores are shown, along with the odds. After you select an event you will see more betting options on the next screen. If possible, you will also see live video of your sporting event and sometimes get commentary as well. is the place to go to for Australian free bets and free bet promotions.

Australian Law and Live Betting

Due to Australian law, major bookmakers in Australia do not offer live sports betting to Australian residents. Most international betting agencies do. The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA) in Australia renders it illegal to advertise real money online interactive gambling services to residents of Australia. “Interactive” includes live sports betting. Live betting is hugely popular overseas as there are less restrictions.

Infringements are made to those offering the bets, not the punter. Betting information and contact phone numbers for those offering live bets are shown on the Ubetfree site.

Live Betting Tips

Live betting can be a lot of fun. There can be a real rush from making a punt while a sport is being played real time. Here are some tips:

Odds on Online Betting

It may seem easier to win a bet when the game is already underway, however, the odds are always higher. Pre-game betting is generally a safer form of betting for those new to punting. Live betting is great for those more experienced betters and for people with a real know-how about a particular sport or sport.

Watch the Odds

When you are betting on live games, take a note of the odds. As they game progresses the odds can change, and disappear altogether.

Start Small

Whenyou are new to any form of betting, start small. Analyse your wins and losses, and how you are faring compared to when you bet on pre-match games. Keep track also of how you fare in particular sports compared to others.

You Need to Act Quickly

Most that bet on live sports love the excitement and fast pace. You will need to place your bet quickly as the odds can change dramatically in seconds.

Decide on a Strategy Before you Start Betting

Have a well-planned strategy before you start placing bets live. Stick to this strategy and do not alter it because you are excited about the game, or think that you can win back money that you have lost. Decide how much you are going to spend on punts before the game, and do not deviate from this plan. Be disciplined when placing bets.

Avoid Instant Win or Loss Bet

It can be exciting to choose who will score next in any given sport, but the odds of you winning in these types of bets are small. Our tip is to avoid these types of bets in Live Sports Betting.

At Ubetfree we offer a number of Australian free bets and bookie free bets. Put a strategy into place and enjoy the excitement of betting live. Remember to gamble responsibly and that you must be 18+.