The Odds You Can Bet on For the T20 International Series 2018

The T20 International Series 2018 is upon us. Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, second only to football. Nearly all major nations now host their own international tournaments. When it comes to cricket, you can bet in a number of ways. If you love the T20 series, or just love a bet, Ubetfree has bookie free bets that will save you money while you are having a little fun with the cricket odds.

Great Ways to Bet with Free Bets Australia

Here are some of the odds that you can bet on in the T20:

· Match Winners – The overall match winner

· Man of the Match – The player that has put in the best match winning performance

· Top Batsman – The batsman who has scored the most runs

· Top Bowler – The bowler who has scored the most wickets

· Most Sixes – The player who has scored the most sixes

· Leading Wicket Takers – Those who have faced the most amount of balls at the wicket

· Team Winner – You can bet on any of the teams

· Coin Toss – Who you think will win the coin toss of the game and bat first

· Top Run Scorer – You can bet on who you think will make the most runs on any team

· Highest Operating Partnership – How a batsman will fare against a certain bowler or visa versa

· Number of Boundaries – The total number of fours or sixes scored.

You can bet to win on any of the above, and in any of the T20 matches. You will see the odds when you place your bet. Match winners are a popular form of betting in the T20 Series, along with top batsman and bowler. If you love your cricket, you may want to up the ante with a betting odds system placed more on skill and player knowledge – such as the highest operating partnership or number of boundaries.

Sit back, enjoy the game, and consider how you may be able to make money from one of the most popular series in the world.

Free bets at Ubetfree will get you off to a profitable start.