Sydney Kings Give Blessing for Andrew Bogut to Rejoin Golden State

Bogie is back. In the NBA, that is.

After a most successful NBL campaign for the Sydney Kings, Andrew Bogut received a letter of clearance from the Kings to head to the U.S., where he can help the Golden State Warriors secure the top seed for the playoffs over the final stretch of the 2018 – 2019 NBA season.

The Warriors are the reigning champions, but the surprising upstart Denver Nuggets are hot on their heels.

The NBA playoff system rewards the top team in each conference by matching them for the first round of the playoffs with the team that finished eighth in the conference.

If those playoffs started today, the Warriors would play the San Antonio Spurs, which is only a slight advantage over the matchup between the Denver Nuggets and the L.A. Clippers.

It is our understanding that Bogut signed a one-year deal with Golden State for the minimum amount. For Bogut, that amount would be in the neighbourhood of $US 1.4 million, which is kind of a nice bonus after a year in the NBL.

Plus, he did not have to tolerate the 82-game NBA regular season grind and if he schedules his travel properly, he might have to play no more than 15 regular season games for the Warriors.

The best information at the moment is that he will join Golden State for a four-game tour next week, with stops in Houston, Oklahoma City, San Antonio and Minnesota (bring a warm sweater and a muffler, Andy).

Golden State will likely ease Bogut in slowly, with his mission being to help the Warriors defensively.

The prophets of doom seem to be suggesting that the Warriors are worried that they do not have a prototypical big, one who can block shots and pull down rebounds.

The Warriors were dismantled 128 – 95 by the Boston Celtics earlier this week, but it is doubtful that Bogut could have affected that outcome significantly and certainly not enough to account for Boston’s 33-point margin.