Sydney-Centric NRL Might be Candidate for Club Relocations

The NRL, one week into the Telstra 2019 Premiership competition, cannot be accused of not looking toward the future.

The mission-critical broadcast rights are expiring in 2023 and the concern for the present is that there are far too many clubs in Sydney and not enough anywhere else.

The NRL does not necessarily need more teams, but the lack of clubs, other than the one in Victoria and the three in Queensland, if you call the Titans one, has the nabobs talking about forcing one of the Sydney clubs to move, with more in Queensland, that is, Brisbane, a new one in New Zealand and one in Perth. South Australia was left out of the discussion.

Nine clubs in and around Sydney are too many and the distasteful “C” word came up in discussions centering on which might be compelled to relocate.

Basically, the NRL is to Sydney what Melbourne is to the AFL. The reasoning is that if Perth and Adelaide can support four AFL clubs, other places should be able to handle an NRL club. Expanding to other cities would increase the television viewing audience, which drives advertising revenues, which drives player salaries…

The word criteria has a negative connotation attached where rugby is concerned, as it was involved when Super Rugby took the axe to four clubs, reducing the league from 20 to 16 teams. Moving one or more of the Sydney NRL clubs is certain to initiate a rort.

We are not the English police; we are more the people the language police find easy targets. Fortunately, there are no fines or jail time for comma splices, dangling participles, wordiness, or subject-verb agreement, or making up our own words.

If there were, we would be poor and incarcerated, which might not be a bad thing so long as we had a computer and an internet connection. We could eat jail food and use a jail internet connection, a connection most likely superior to the one we have.

The language varies from place to place and what is considered grammatically correct in the northern hemisphere might result in a mark down on our essays in the southern hemisphere.

Still, when we ran across the story of the NRL using a new criteria, we had to note that criterion is the singular form, while criteria is the plural.