Super Bowl LII Provided Gripping Viewing for Worldwide Audiences

Yesterday made it two. NFL Super Bowls that were worth watching, that is.

The Philadelphia Eagles dethroned the New England Patriots 41 – 33 in a game that went down to the final play, a last-second Hail Mary pass from New England quarterback Tom Brady that fell harmlessly to the ground as time expired.

Both NFL offenses went up and down the field, seemingly at will. There was only one punt the entire game, something that gives a true indication of how well both teams were moving the ball.

The defensive players from both sides almost seemed to be moving in slow motion. The running backs from Philadelphia were tearing off huge chunks of turf, or whatever that stuff inside Minneapolis’ indoor U.S. Bank Stadium is, and both defenses seemed entirely incapable of covering the opposition teams’ receivers.

The big play of the game, the one that sealed the victory for the Eagles and the defeat for the Patriots, was a strip sack of Brady by Brandon Graham of the Eagles, which was then recovered by Derek Barnett late in the fourth quarter that gave Philadelphia the game’s only turnover.

The Eagles’ had 10 offensive possessions, only two of which did not produce points, touchdown or field goal. One of those was the aforementioned punt and the other was a bizarre interception off the fingers of Eagles’ receiver Alshon Jeffery that was nearly another touchdown.

The Patriots got the ball offensively 11 times, scoring on six of those possessions.

Although the point spread of the game was only five points at the time of the kickoff, no one gave the Eagles much of a chance, mainly due to the necessity of the Eagles using backup quarterback Nick Foles in place of MVP candidate Carson Wentz, who was sent out for the season with a knee injury in early December.

The halftime show featured Justin Timberlake, who was worse, if such a thing is conceivable, than was Cold Play in 2016.

Cold Play’s performance was far worse that Timberlake’s but Timberlake did not have Beyoncé and Bruno Mars to bail him out.