Seibold Denies Talking with Broncos Sources Claim Deal is Done

Based on our view that objective journalism has little value in sports beyond reporting outcomes, it would seem the ideal time to pass along the unconfirmed information that Anthony Seibold is ready to step into the coaching role at the Brisbane Broncos that may be available in the future.

He has done all right with the South Sydney Rabbitohs, guiding the team to a record of 15 wins and six losses during his first attempt at coaching in the big leagues, good for a tie on 32 points with that other club from Sydney.

Those are the sorts of results that get NRL coaches fired, so Seibold is wise to seek his next opportunity while his stock is high.

Seibold had an abbreviated playing career, 69 games as a professional, and we have often noted that good players do not necessarily make the best coaches, as much of their ability as players was difficult to translate to other players.

There is not risk of that with Seibold.

As the situation stands, he is contracted to the Rabbitohs until the end of next year, just as Bennett is with the Broncos, but there are many of the view that Bennett and Seibold are both moving before that time.

Information coming directly from Seibold is contradictory.

He has rather adamantly claimed that he has not been in any conversation with the powers at Brisbane, but the situation exploded when Seibold told the media that he was aware the Broncos were interested in him.

Like I’ve said before I can’t say it any more times, I’ve not actually spoken to the Broncos and you know, obviously there’s some interest there from them but I’ve not spoken to anyone there,” he said.

We can interpret that statement from different angles.

Could he mean that he has spoken to the club, but that the conversation took place outside of Brisbane?

Maybe he is using text or email to communicate. That qualifies as truth in saying that he has not spoken to anyone there.

An intermediary could be carrying messages back and forth.