Second Edition of AFLX Includes Shift to Fit Marvel Stadium

The AFL, looking to boost the interest level in it shortformat AFLX competition, hopes that cash incentives will lure the big names.

The figures are for cash bonuses ranging from $5000 to $20,000 for the one-day tournament and the league had budgeted $300,000 for player payments.

It was play-for-glory last year in the inaugural edition and as could have been expected, the clubs were in no mood to risk top players, knowing that a ruptured ACL could remove a player for an entire season.

We seem to recall last year and players not being paid, but the distant memory is supplanted by the sheer audacity of asking professional athletes to play free.

There will be another change as the AFL seeks to find the sweet spot for its AFLX competition.

It was a round robin last year. This year, it will be four teams made up of players selected. Similar to All-Australian, but with actual playing.

Eddie Betts of the Adelaide Crows will be the captain for the indigenous team and that team will be named Team Skill.

Since the one-day event will be played at Marvel Stadium, as the rights holders prefer everyone call Docklands Stadium, there will be a superhero theme associated with the AFLX competition.

The other captains will be former Brownlow medalists Nat Fyfe and Patrick Dangerfield, who brings his very own superhero name with him and three-time Coleman medalist Jack Riewoldt.

Each of the four captains will pick from a list of 100 players.

Puts us in mind of our school days, where you did not care which side you were on, so long as you were not the last one picked.

The boys grow older, but the playground remains.

Short format footy certainly seems to be a genuine thing and the AFL is still intent on reducing the number of stoppages during the course of AFL and AFLW games. They could engage the fans by asking them to vote on which captain is which superhero and there are more than enough Marvel personas from which to choose.