Scotland Referred after Threatening Legal Action Agasint World Rugby

First, Scotland rattled their sabers and charged the pipes by threatening to pursue a legal remedy agasint World Rugby if their match with Japan had been cancelled due to Typhoon Hagibis.

Cancellation would have resulted in the Scots being sent home.

Second, the match in Yokohama went off as planned and the Cherry Blossoms beat Scotland.

Third, Scotland is eliminated, but at least the elimination was based on play, rather than weather.

Fourth, World Rugby did not take kindly to the threat and a recent report has shown that the organisers of the 2019 Rugby World Cup have referred Scotland to a disputes committee.

It is almost better than the actual football to now has been.

With the minnows gone, it is time to move ahead with New Zealand’s coronation.

Since we invoked New Zealand, are we in the same class as Scottish Rugby Union Chief Mark Dodson?

Dodson’s remarks suggested that if a match involving New Zealand had been threatened, the tournament directors would have found a way to hold the game, on either a different day, time, or at a different venue.

Duh. New Zealand sells tickets. The stands were crammed for their game with Namibia, awash in a sea of Japanese football fans dressed in black.

We would buy a ticket for a Scotland match, provided the Scots played in kilts.

Tournament director Alan Gilpin, commenting at a news conference, said, “Under our tournament rules, we’re very careful that people behave appropriately and as a result of that we’ve referred to independent disputes committee the behaviour and comments of the Scottish Rugby Union.”

Gilpin also spoke glowingly of the efforts of everyone who contributed to the match with Scotland and Japan going off safely, no small feat considering that almost 70,000 turned out to see the home team.

It is hard to imagine World Rugby doing anything to Scotland that would be any worse than what has been done to them already, writing from a historical perspective, without naming the perpetrators of 900 years of Scottish suppression.

We, too, are capable of being careful when the situation dictates caution.