Rugby Players will be Rugby Players Eels Serve Example

Does it shock anyone in Sydney, or anywhere else for that matter, that rugby player were drunk and obnoxious in the middle of the week?

The shock, in the case of the Parramatta Eels, is that the bad drinking behaviour took place during a four game losing binge to begin the season.

A four game winning streak would have generated calls for forgiveness and tolerance of the tough lot those who play rugby endure in the course of chasing glory for those of us who can no longer get out there and chase it for ourselves.

Eels Coach Brad Arthur was properly indignant over the latest incident, where players Nathan Brown, Michael Jennings and Corey Newman put on a disgraceful display of intoxication at The Rocks.

It was the middle of the week when the three went on the binge and the incident came to light when someone who had a too close encounter with the three sent an email to the club office.

Looking for further evidence that winning makes all the difference?

Here is what News Corp reporter Phil Rothfield had to say:

“I can reveal last Monday night three Parramatta players — Corey Norman, Michael Jennings, Nathan Brown — were out on the town, had too many drinks in the The Rocks,” Rothfield said. “I think that is a very silly thing for those players to be doing when they’ve lost the first three games of the season, to be out on the town. It comes back to a perception thing … when your team’s playing well no one cares what you do.”

Arthur may have to do some axe swinging, as the Eels were tipped to be a top four team in the 2018 Telstra NRL Premiership competition.

The Eels played finals last year and had lost four games against two wins after the first six rounds, so the similar position this year would seem to indicate that the Eels are not ready to be completely written off.

They just need to stay in at night.