Roos Steers Jack Watts to Adelaide Power with Sage Guidance

Would you take advice on where to play footy from a former player, who in his prime was considered the best footballer in Australia?

You could do worse than to listen to Paul Roos, who to us, needs only to have the coaching gig with North Melbourne to satisfy our appreciation of irony and name synergy.

Roos played 356 senior games for Fitzroy and Sydney, and coached another 268 with the Sydney Swans and the Melbourne Demons, so he was withing a suburb or two of being Coach Roos of the ‘Roos.

Paul Roos played a key role in jack Watts’ decision to join the Port Adelaide Power, so we have some satisfaction in saying, Watt of the Power.

The two have a history together, as Watts played for the Roos when Roos was the coach from 2014 – 2016. The telling statistic from that period is 66, which is the number of games Melbourne played during those three seasons.

Still, Roos’ influence on Watts was feely admitted when Watts told the Herald Sun, “I’ve stayed in pretty constant contact with Roosy … he actually sent me one of the nicest messages I’ve ever received the other day,” Watts said. “He’s just a legend and leading into the decision I was actually speaking to him a fair bit.”

It must have been a nice message in order to get Watts to leave Victoria for the hinterlands of South Australia.

Watts told SEN that it, “Probably would have made a lot more sense to stay in Victoria” but he “couldn’t fault” Port Adelaide.

Now, there is the sort of commitment that is often absent.

Power Coach Ken Hinkley had an influence on Watts as well, primarily through the stability he affords following the club’s decision to give Hinkley a long-term deal.

Watts has nine seasons with Melbourne and will turn 27 at the outset of the Toyota 2018 AFL Premiership competition, so he could conceivably play three or four years for the Power and then go back to Victoria via the Gary Ablett Protocol.