Ricciardo Expresses View that Renault is Treating Red Bull Fairly

Daniel Riccardo, speaking to Natalie Pinkham on her In The Pink Podcast, told her and the audience that he has belief that he has the ability to win a F1 Championship.

When asked, he said, “I do. I don’t like the word expectations but I expect it from myself — what I believe I can do and from what I’ve learnt over the years, I expect I can deliver that.”

The ideal follow up question would have been to ask Ricciardo what was the source of the animus he holds toward the word “expectations,” but Pinkham missed her chance.

Riccardo is 28 years of age and has five wins at the F1 level. When he was on the Red Bull team with Sebastian Vettel, he was able to score more points, which only goes to prove that Ricciardo needs just one thing.

A faster car – Bonus Bets.

“In this sport you need the tools as well,” he added. “I hope to get to those tools. I don’t want to say I expect to receive those tools but if I get those tools I would expect it from myself to get the job done.”

We wonder, is it just the noun, expectation to which Ricciardo objects?

He seems, based on his podcast interview comments, to be highly in favour of the transitive verb form of the word.

Levity aside, Riccardo has been hampered by going against Ferrari and Mercedes teams that have a decide edge when it comes to equipment.

Ricciardo, however, was reluctant to imply that Red Bull engine builder Renault was supplying the team with the equivalent engines Renault uses in their F1 cars.

“I kind of feel Renault would take a world title any way they could — especially after Mercedes’ recent dominance over the last four years. For them, it would be better winning than not winning with us.”

The constructor standings, from 2017 at least, would seem to bear Ricciardo’s opinion out. Renault was sixth in 2017, three positions below Red Bull Racing Tag Heuer.

Ricciardo is off contract following 2018 and both Mercedes and Ferrari seem willing to have him behind the wheel in 2019.