Ricciardo Applies Brakes to Red Bull Departure Speculation

Daniel Ricciardo is booked with Team Red Bull through the 2018 Formula 1 season, but his future is up in the air amid reports that Red Bull is focusing on a youth movement named Max Verstappen, along with the fact that, unlike is some motorsport racing codes where Red Bull is the cock of the walk, the cars they field in F1 are, at best, third in terms of everything. Until Red Bull can put cars on the track that can compete with the top Mercedes and Ferrari machines, who does the driving matters not. 

Red Bull has locked Verstappen in with a three-year deal and claims they want to do something for Ricciardo.

Yet, Ricciardo has proven to those in the know on the circuit that he can steer, shift, and put his foot on the accelerator, so no one would be surprised if Mercedes or Ferrari makes a run at him. 

Red Bull managed only three victories in 2017 and if Ricciardo and Verstappen are the hotshot car hoops everyone believes them to be, that only leaves underperforming cars to explain the team’s poor outcomes. As best we know, Red Bull’s pit crews are equal to those of the other teams. 

Once again, Red Bull is talking about making improvements in the off-season, with the obvious move being to jettison the puny French motors they have dropped into their cars. 

Ricciardo is hungry for wins, points and championships. The money is nice, but everyone who has ever competed at anything knows that winning is the main thing. 

“Having the chance to be able to fight for something really meaningful – races, championships – that’s the absolute priority. It’s not even close,” said Ricciardo. 

Ricciardo is inspired by the route followed by Lewis Hamilton, who at the end of 2012 left the prestigious but declining McLaren for Mercedes, which at the time, was an unknown entity.