Remaining World Cup Scenarios Ahead of Next Week’s Semifinals

It is down to the final four in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals.

England is through to the semifinals and has a match with Croatia to determine which of the two will play for the top prize in the world of football.

France will play Belgium on Wednesday to determine which will face the winner of the England versus Croatia match.

Those with a historical perspective might hope for a Great Britain versus France final, remembering that the last time either of the two nations met for anything of relevance, the Brits won and the French ceded control of most of the New World to England.

Both semifinals games will be held in Moscow. The match for third place between Russia and Sweden will take place at St. Petersburgh on Sunday, Oz time and the final will be the following day in Moscow.

Croatia bent over backwards to show its appreciation for Russian hospitality in the second semifinal game, surrendering a one goal advantage in extra time to breathe new life into Russia, but when it came time to decide the game with penalties, Fyodor Smolov declined to the moment and resorted to a feint and a feeble kick that was stopped easily by Croatian keeper Danijel Subasic, despite the fact that Subasic was playing on a highly suspect hamstring.

Sweden had no answer for England and seemed to play the entire match in their own defensive end. At times, it seemed as though the Three Lions were playing with three balls and only the efficient net keeping of Jordan Pickford prevented the match from devolving into a Britain versus France in the French and Indian War type of affair.

It will require one more week for the winner to be determined. In the interim, the 28 squads that have been dismissed will begin planning for four years of qualifiers ahead of the next World Cup tournament in Qatar in 2022.