Peru Striker Gets Greedy and Will Miss World Cup as a Result

There are times when the best advice is to take the money and run. There are other times when standing and fighting for more can backfire on you.

In that second case, we are not talking about money per se, but the idea of cutting your losses short. Regardless of how painful they might seem in the present moment, time heals all wounds, even the self-inflicted type.

When Peru’s captain Pablo Guerrero had his one-year positive cocaine ban reduced to six months, meaning that he would have been eligible to play for his 2018 FIFA World Cup squad after May 3, he could have left the table older but wiser.

Instead, he got greedy and went to a CAS hearing in Lausanne to attempt to have the ban annulled.

He came out of that meeting with not only the van reinstated, but an extra eight months tacked on, meaning that he will not be back on the ground until January of next year.

Speaking to reporters in remarks that were published by the AFP, Guerrero said, “I’m a victim of injustice. I didn’t expect it, I’m sad I won’t be playing. They’ve taken my dream away from me.”

“They,” apparently, are whoever pinned Guerrero down and stuffed the Charley in his nose.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) had been seeking to sideline Guerrero for 22 months.

Even without Guerrero, Peru should have only slight difficulty getting out of Group C, well except for France and Denmark, both of which are fancied above Peru. The other side in the Group is Australia, and we are pretty certain of how that one will play out.

Peru’s first match will be with Denmark and the bookies seem to think Denmark is the shorter bet, but from the prices we have seen, and the unpredictable nature of soccer, anything can happen, so Peru might well prefer that their striker had taken his medicine and kept his mouth closed. Nostrils, as well.