NRL Knights in Brisbane Suggestion Riles the Masses

Apparently, no one thinks much of a NRL gambit that proposed sending the Newcastle Knights to Brisbane. Some described the proposal as a bluff on the part of the NRL and vocal opposition was raised in many quarters, including the Knight’s home of Newcastle, sources in Brisbane, and even in Sydney.

The NRL has not been able to unload the lowly Knights on a private buyer, which is not hard to understand. 

The move would have had the Knights going to Ipswich, home of the Jets and the obvious issue would become the question of, despite the popularity of the NRL in NSW and Queensland, could the Brisbane region truly support two NRL clubs.

Rugby league media outlets have been in the vanguard of the move, claiming that the demand for a fourth team in Queensland is indeed adequate. 

Newcastle supporters seemed to offer the most vociferous opposition. Former Knights player, the legendary Matthew Johns and Ipswich Jets Chairman Steve Johnson were amongst the first to heap a dose of ridicule on the suggestion of moving the Knights.

Of course, such talk of shaking up the status quo would quickly subside if the Knights were able to do some on the field and eliminate some of the off-field shenanigans that have attracted negative attention, but in most cases, at the heart of relocations, it is money that calls the tune.