Nick Kyrgios Old Man Body in a Young Man Head

If it is not one thing, it is another seems to be the axiom to describe the fortunes of the injury-plagued Nick Kyrgios in 2018.

After dealing with nagging hip issues, he is now battling an elbow injury that threatens his participation in the 2018 French Open at Roland Garros in Paris beginning in the latter part of May.

Kyrgios required a cortisone shot to help him deal with the pain and inflammation in his elbow. He has played just two events since February and the clay court season leading up to the French Open is critical for players to gain familiarity with the slower surface.

Clay is a good surface for Kyrgios, as he is a competent baseline player due to his strong groundstrokes.

He is currently at his base in Canberra, where he is doing everything in his power to be ready for Paris.

Kyrgios took to Instagram to keep everyone informed, saying, “After returning home and consulting with medical staff in Australia I have been diagnosed with Posterior Impingement and Ulnar Nerve Irritation and I have been advised to stop playing through it. After thorough investigations and careful consideration I have had a corticosteroid injection to settle the pain and inflammation. Now to maximise my recovery I have to build the strength needed to compete at my best over the next month, ensuring I have confidence in my elbow before returning.”

Pretty impressive Instagram posting for anyone, even though Kyrgios’ young age would seem to give him an advantage on the platform.

Our elbows began to throb at the mere suggestion of posting the medical term, “Posterior Impingement.”

We had to enter “poster” before auto-complete would offer us “posterior.” As for “impingement,” we had to enter the whole word, only to be offered “infringement,” and “improvement.”

It may be possible that Kyrgios was misdiagnosed and that he has a bad case of “Posterity Improvement.”

Painful, by any name and good luck to Nick in healing.