NFL Lurches Toward Reality TV Show Status in Week Three

Bugger all that nonsense about who played whom, who won, which players played well and which were goats.

This is the NFL about which we are talking and the only statistic that matters in the aftermath of game three of the 2017 – 2018 NFL regular season is which players stood and which knelt during the playing of the National Anthem before the game.

Colin Kaerpernick started the fad last season as a silent protest about the widely perceived idea that the local constabulary in the U.S. treats African-Americans with a different set of rules than those used for non-minority lawbreakers.

Kaerpernick was one of just a few who took part in the protest last year and he remains without a NFL job this season, following a disappointing 2016 – 2017 season where the San Francisco 49ers were a Brisbane Lion-like flop.

It is anyone’s guess whether it was poor play or social upheaval that cost Kaerpernick his gig, but since the 49ers wasted no time running quarterback Alex Smith out of town to make room for Kaerpernick, it would be more likely that his lack of production on the field led to his demise.

At any rate, right or wrong, it seemed as though the kneeling protest would slowly die off, that is, until a certain highly ranked U.S. politico took to Twitter to denounce players for exercising their U.S. Constitution First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

We will not mention the politician’s name in this article, as it seems that it is simply his craving for attention that drives the words to spring from his mouth and his fingertips without the benefit of any fore- thought.

He whose name we shall not mention sought to reprise his catch phrase from his reality TV days, urging NFL team owners to say, “You’re Fired,” but all he managed to do was grow the protest and give it a life it otherwise would not have had.

Even Aussie Adam Gotsis of the Denver Broncos joined the pre-game protest statement and many of his teammates joined him, about 32 in all.