NBA Wants a Piece of the Action as U.S. Rolls on Online Betting

The Wheels of Time Shift and the Sands of Time Gather No Moss.

Mixed metaphors, perhaps, but true nonetheless as in the United States, the NBA is gearing up for the not-so-distant future when instant statistical data will facilitate in-play betting, or as they seem wont to call it, in-game betting.

The U.S. Supreme Court earlier in 2018 made the decision to permit each of the 50 states to allow sports wagering via internet connected devices.

For some perspective, consider the mish-mash of regulations the various states of Australia currently present. Multiply that by eight or so, and a picture of what is going to happen when the Yanks are cut loose begins to emerge.

On one side, the NBA is seeking a legal mandate that online bettors must use the NBA’s data, for which they would like to charge a one percent “integrity fee.”

On the other side, the casinos that will control the action want to supply their own data, or get the NBA data for free.

We have been speculating for some time that William Hill will be the first to get up and running. William Hill U.S. CEO Joe Asher told The New York Times that the scheme of the NBA that a mandate that the bookies use and pay for official NBA data, “sets up monopoly pricing power. This whole thing of official league data is like a smoke screen.”

There is already some in-play betting going on in the U.S., mainly by sports books in the State of Nevada, but estimates place the impact at around five percent of the sports betting business.

The Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling in May of 2018, but only a handful of states have moved ahead to leagalise sports betting. It is thought that it will take close to a year for more of the states to get in on the act.

There seems to be a Puritanical resistance to betting in the U.S. The hand wringers were out in force predicting the demise of society when various states rolled out lottery games, to a degree that only promises to use tax revenues generated by lottery ticket purchases for do-gooder purposes could assuage.