NBA Suns Extortion Attempt on Phoenix May Backfire

First, the contractors will cash the $150 million cheque,next, they will tear out the goals, turn off the water and remove all thefixtures from the loos, and then they will disappear, never to be seen again.

That is how our renovations typically proceed, except our cheques are for well below $150 million.

In order to get the contractor and mechanics to come back, the deposit must be at least $200 million.

One hundred fifty million is the estimate of the amount Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver is demanding be spent on Talking Stick Resort Arena under the threat of moving the team to Las Vegas or Seattle.

While many disgruntled Suns fans feel that the $150 million price tag would be just enough to buy a map for Sarver showing him the way out of Arizona, the more civic-minded of the citizenry, among them the Phoenix City Council, are expressing concern that Sarver is not providing information about the specific renovations the stadium requires or how the money would be spent.

Details. Details.

More than a few U.S. cities are fed up with being held hostage by professional sports teams, who ask the citizens to foot the bill, while the owners pocket the profits.

The Suns have won only four games in 2018, worst in the NBA, so the timing of Sarver’s demand does not seem to be well conceived and certainly less than well received.

If LeBron could be had for $150 million, that would afford the best chance of the Suns winning, but living in the desert of Arizona is for nomads with no place else to go and James would not take the paltry money even if it were for one season.

The city of Las Vegas has turned poaching sports teams from other cities into sort of a hobby and they have added the NHL expansion Golden Knights, will get the Raiders from the NFL in the not-to-distant future and need only an NBA and a MLB franchise to fill the quaddie. There is big money in Vegas. Ask anyone who has tried to keep ice from melting there.