Mustang Sally You Better Speed that Mustang Up for Supercars

Ford fanciers are doubtless cheered by the news that the company is returning to the Supercars competition in 2019, which also marks the return of Ford Australia.

The Mustang model will replace the Falcon FG X, after several years where Ford prevented the Mustang from being used in the Supercars Championship.

“We’re announcing a new chapter in Ford Australia’s commitment to motoring enthusiasts,” Graeme Whickman, Ford Australia President and CEO, said. “Throughout Ford’s history, we’ve been a brand that’s bettered itself through competition.”

We are old, but not so old as to remember the Model T getting better as the result of racing, that is the purview of the historians.

Ford, in our opinion makes some nice vehicles and we were amongst the most excited when they first debuted the Mustang badge in 1965, but the corporation at some point abandoned racing and they are nothing close to the force they once were.

“From 2019 the Ford Mustang will race in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, joining our global family of racing as we strive to bring innovation through performance to every Ford vehicle,” said Whickman.

Ford has been absent from Supercars since the end of 2015 as the corporation moved in the direction of no longer making cars in Australia.

There were quite a few who greeted the announcement with enthusiasm, including DJR Team Penske co-owner Roger Penske.

“We have been working closely with the Ford Motor Company over the past few years and this really builds a lot of momentum for Supercars,” Penske said.

Supercars CEO Sean Seamer expressed similar sentiments.

“I know Australians, New Zealanders and our fans around the world will be just as excited as I am to see the Mustang take to our tracks in the world’s best Touring car racing,” he said.

Ford is planning to debut its performance brand in Australia and along with the Mustang, they intend to launch the Ranger Raptor as the official recovery vehicle.