Mercedes Sweeps Drivers’ and Constructors’ F1 Trophies for 2018

Lewis Hamilton has won the Brazil Grand Prix, giving him 10 wins for the season along with securing the constructors’ championship for Mercedes.

With a season comprised of 21 races and the last race to jump late in November, a win by Hamilton would mean that he will have won more races than he has lost.

That sort of dominance is disturbing, especially given the degree to which the F1 Championship goes to ensure some degree of competition to the races.

Everyone with some functional vision can see the issue. Formula 1 courses restrict passing to the extent that once someone gets in front, it requires some outside influence, a mechanical failure, some mistake by one of the back markers or a major flub by a pit crew to permit someone in the back to move past the leader.

Other than Mercedes, Ferrari won six races, with Red Bull accounting for four wins, two by Max Verstappen and two by Daniel Ricciardo.

Luck seems to favour Mercedes as well as superior cars favour them.

Hamilton started on the pole, but Red Bull’s Max Verstappen seized the lead, until the unfortunate Verstappen managed to find a way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory by colliding with the lapped Force India car of Esteban Ocon.

Verstappen was noticeably peeved when he met up with Ocon after the race, where he pushed Ocon.

“You do everything well, you go through the field, we had a great car and then by such an idiot you get taken out while he’s being lapped. I have no words,” said Verstappen.

So, it is possible to start at the back of the grid and move up, but how much of Verstappen’s progress was simply good racing fortune. He started from fifth to gain a second-place finish, while Hamilton mainly had the race handed to him when Verstappen tangled with Ocon.