Manchester United Problems have no Easy Solutions

Have a bad day in the market and heads will roll.

That appears to be the operative principle at Manchester United, which has seen its share price fall in conjunction with the team’s descent down the EPL ladder.

The responsible party in the eyes of Paul Ince is the other Paul, Pogba.

It is the assertion of Ince that Pogba brings an aura of negativity to the club. Ince would like to see Pogba gone by January at the latest, sooner even, because if you give him an Ince, he will take a mile.

Ince does not have a personal vendetta against Pogba. He feels that Pogba is being suffocated by Jose Mourinho and it is hard to refute the assertion, given what Pogba was able to accomplish in the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament.

Pogba was a key contributor in France’s victory in the tournament, even if he did not grab the headlines handed to England’s Harry Kane, Croatia’ Luka Modric or Pogba’s teammate Kylian Mbappe.

Failing to produce for United, however, has more than a few wanting to see the back of Pogba.

Ince, speaking with Paddy Power in remarks picked up by The Sun, said, “I believe a Pogba move away from United would suit both parties. He’s never settled on his return to the club.He’s been inconsistent in his performances and there’s always been transfer talk surrounding him.Some of those rumours have come from his camp too. He’s one of those players, as long as he’s at United, there’s trouble and talk.

It is hard to lay the price of United shares or the troubles on the pitch on Pogba alone. He shares the ground with 10 others and United’s record in the current Premier League season suggests that there are too many loitering on the ground hoping for Pogba to redeem them.

There may be a clash of personalities between Mourinho and Pogba, but our view is that coaches are expendable and players of Pogba’s calibre should be retained in such instances.