Kyrgios Follows Tomic with Early AO Exit

Nick Kyrgios lasted a full day longer than Bernard Tomic lasted.

Kyrgios did not have to play on the first day of the 2019 Australian Open, which supplies the complete explanation for his outlasting Tomic.

He exited in straight sets to Milos Raonic, with the score being Raonic 6 – 4, 7 – 6 (5), 6 – 4.

Psychological/mental issues aside, Kyrgios is injured. He has an issue with his right knee that seems to be unpredictable. It would appear that he needs to take an extended break, as it is coming onto two years where one body part or another has been troubling him.

The uncertainty of not knowing how various body parts will react to competitive tennis in any tournament, Grand Slam event aside, is the sort of thing that will affect any player.

Combine that uncertainty with the fragile mental approach that has dogged him and it is actually quite impressive that he stayed on the court for the entire match.

Lovers of irony could certainly appreciate the comments of John McEnroe. “Cue the psychiatrist, we get him out there,” McEnroe said. “In the meantime, we are hoping that gets his (Kyrgios) act together and makes this the type of match we hope it can be.”

Coming from the mouth of the former player the French dubbed “L’Enfant terrible,” (terrible infant) for his tantrums that forever changed the game of tennis from a game of stiff upper lips to one more akin to the UFC, McEnroe could probably recommend a good psychiatrist, perhaps several.

Walking onto a court to play Milos Raonic was no time for Kyrgios to have any doubts and lack of confidence in the physical side of his game.

Kyrgios may have been hoping that Raonic would have an off night, but the Canadian responded like a shark smelling blood in the water, shelling Kyrgios with 30 aces.