Kookaburras at the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games will be held on Queensland’s Gold Coast from 4-15 April 2018. When it comes to the men’s hockey event, we have an exciting line up of players on the team. It is going to be a fortnight of excitement, exhilaration and team spirit. 360 athletes will compete in 54 matches over the competition.

The men’s team have their first match of the contest on Saturday 7 April against South Africa, the undefeated Commonwealth games champions and 2017 Oceania Cup Winners. The match will be held at the Gold Coast Hockey Centre in Musgrave Avenue, Labrador.

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The Kookaburras team are:

Daniel Beal # 23

Josh Beltz #10

Matthew Bird #15

Tim Brand #29

Andrew Charter #30

Tristan Clemons #8

Tom Craig #2

Matthew Dawson #6

Jeremy Edwards #7

Blake Govers #13

Jake Harvie #4

Jeremy Hayward #32

Tim Howard #16

Aaron Kleinschmidt #14

Mark Knowles #9

Tyler Lovell #24

Trent Mitton #25

Eddie Ockenden #11

Flynn Ogilvie #22

Lachlan Sharp #1

Matthew Swann #20

Corey Weyer #3

Jake Whetton #12

Tristan White #18

Tom Wickham #5

Dylan Wotherspoon #26

Aran Zalewski #17

Mark Knowles, captain and four times Olympian, will retire from international hockey after the games.

The team are confident in their ability to secure a gold on home ground at this epic event. They will be making history if they do – it will be their sixth consecutive Commonwealth Games gold medal. The team are training hard, starting at 5.30 am and finishing at 8 o’clock in the evening. Australian Striker Andrew Smith is confident that the Kookaburras are at number one internationally.

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