Josh Green Apple of Boomers Eyes Top Ranked NCAA Basketball Teams

Joshua Green has made it to the Boomers and many experts see him in the NBA in the next couple of years.

Green is playing high school basketball in the U.S., so talk of the NBA might be premature, but if he can get any traction and playing time with the national team, he could catch the attention of NBA scouts and receive an invitation to NBA Summer League play as soon as next year.

He is just 17, so he may need some seasoning, but his physical traits and skill set seem to offer a promising future.

Of getting the nod for the Boomers, Green said to, “I’m very grateful for this opportunity. “Most people dream of representing their country as I do. It means a lot getting this opportunity. Now it’s up to me to take advantage of it.”

Green will still have to prove he has what it takes to hold his ground in a Los Angeles nightclub brawl, but he has plenty of time for that.

He could well follow in the footsteps of Dante Exum and 2018 NBA rookie of the year Ben Simmons. Both of those players were teenagers like Green when they played for the Boomers at the 2013 FIBA Oceania Championships.

“Seeing Ben and Danté play at such high levels when they were young definitely is great motivation, and they are very good role models,” Green said.

The NCAA basketball gang is after him as well. The North Carolina Tar Heels, the Kansas Jayhawks, Arizona State Sun Devils and the USC Trojans would like to have Green play top-level collegiate basketball and Green could do that, play for one or two years, and then sign a hefty contract as a high draft pick.

UNC Coach Ray Williams has already tabled an offer and Green may begin visiting schools soon.

Green calls Sydney home, but has not been there in more than two years, but he has his family with him in the U.S., so it seems more a question not of if, but of when.