Jones and Cheika Show Mutual Respect for Respective Opposition

The final international of the year for Eddie Jones and England will be with Australia. Eddie is an Apple Islander, but there is no doubt where his loyalties lie.

He has put his squad on notice ahead of this weekend’s game at Twickenham that they need to be wary of Michael “Street Fighter” Cheika and the Wallabies.

Both Cheika and Jones are under the microscope. Australia have won four of 12 Tests this year and England in only slightly better, winners of five from 11.

The two coaches played rugby together at Sydney club Randwick.

“Cheiks, he’s my old mate, he’s always at his best when they (Australia) are under pressure,” said Jones, speaking with reporters in a presser covered by the AFP. “He loves that, he’s a street-fighter, so it does make them dangerous but at the same time we’ve had a tough year too and we don’t mind a scrap either, so it should be a good scrap.”

England seems to have found form in winning three of four Tests this month, beginning with a narrow 12 – 11 victory over South Africa at the outset of November.

The most recent victory for England was over Japan, so the 35 – 15 win in that contest perhaps says more about the strength of opposition than anything else, but Australia’s most recent win came at the expense of Italy, so neither side is coming in bragging about beating New Zealand or Ireland.

Jones was coaching Australia back in 2003 when England deprived them of the World Cup and he seems to have Australia figured out, having won all of five Tests over Australia since he took the reins of the Red Rose after the side was dismissed in the first round of the 2015 World Cup.

Jones demurred from claims that he may have an edge from having coached Australia, saying, “All I know is they had a good win (against Italy) and they’ll be ready for the battle.”

One or more of these coaches need to start throwing out some fightin’ words in these pre-game interviews.

Maybe Conor McGregor would like a coaching job. Working for Australia, we would hear frequent reference to the whinging Poms.