Inglis Looks in Mirror See Circus Fat Man Just Ahead of 2019 NRL

Many people would claim that they do not care for long goodbyes.

Any who consider themselves in that category will not want to learn that Greg Inglis, following off-season surgery to address a neck injury, declared that he will retire from rep rugby and say adios to NRL rugby at the end of the 2020 season.

That information is supplemented by the latest revelation that Inglis will miss the first two rounds of the 2019 Telstra NRL Premiership competition because he is 15 kilos over his playing weight.

He needs to shed one Aussie Thoroughbred jockey’s worth of weight to get back to form.

“Greg Inglis, they’re all saying, he will not be there,” Triple M reporter Ben Dobbin told The Big Breakfast on Tuesday. “I spoke to Wayne (Bennett) about this. He won’t be there for round one or two because he’s 15 kilos over his playing weight.”

Inglis will miss the open of the Rabbitohs defense of the 2018 premiership with the Roosters in mid-March and the next game with the Dragons the following week.

In the interim, it will be fewer trips to Maccas and a strict regimen in order to get to the proper fighting weight. Trust us, wasting is a sorry way of life and we dread it every time we open our mouths and stuff it with crisps, but our knees are not worth nearly what those of Inglis are worth.

The 32-year-old Inglis is also nursing a suspicious knee, which is acting up. He had knee reconstruction in 2017 and seemed to have that behind him, but knees do not keep track of time by clock or calendar.

Alex Johnston will handle Inglis’ fullback duties for the short term, but the ominous portent of a player with multiple injuries and reaching that age where the daily message from the body is, “No more football,” is not a good omen for a successful premiership defense.