India Plays the Waiting Game at 2019 ICC World Cup Tournament

India are still waiting in the wings for their first match in the 2019 ICC World Cup in England.

They were shifted to the third line by Ladbrokes, down one, after Australia beat Afghanistan Saturday and still had 91 balls left had they been needed.

It seems a bit off that India would be moved down due to inactivity, but who are we to questions the bookies?

Those same bookies, by the way, that told us that Richmond would have no trouble with North Melbourne or Collingwood with Fremantle in the recently completed Round 11 of the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition.

India first sees action in England when they face the Proteas. India are heavy favourites for the match, which is match 8 of 48 of the ODI format tournament.

India captain Virat Kohli expressed approval for the idea of coming late, having the chance to see how the other squads look as they have stood on the sidelines watching for the first six days.

They play a South Africa XI that has already lost twice, first to England and second to Bangladesh.

Kohli commented, β€œIt’s an advantage in terms of understanding how the games have gone, what the conditions offer and what is the pace of play.”

Kohli will lead a team that has the expectations of a vast nation to shoulder and he indicated that the pressure, for him at least, is welcome.

I am feeling grateful that I am in this position, to have the opportunity to lead my country in a tournament like the World Cup. I am really looking forward to the challenge,” he said.

India are ranked No. 1 in the world for the Test format, but No. 2 when it switches to 50-over cricket.

They plummet all the way to fifth when the game becomes T20, but Kohli is rated by far the best batter in Test and ODI formats.