If You Are Going to Lose at Least Lose Gracefully Goddard Advised

While the star of the game was being appropriately humble about his performance for the Collingwood Magpies in the impressive Anzac Day victory over the Essendon Bombers, one of the Dons was not acting in keeping with some views about the proper demeanor a footy player should present.

The target of the criticism was Brendon Goddard of the Bombers and he drew the ire of former Carlton Blues great Mark Maclure, who maintained that the Dons should drop Goddard for his overly dramatic behavior on the ground.

Goddard was on three occasions observed to be having heated conversations with his teammates David Zaharakis and Joe Daniher.

“I’ve been in this business over 45 years. I’ve never seen anyone as demonstrative as this bloke and I wouldn’t put up with it,” Maclure said on Fox Footy’s AFL 360.

We can relate to Maclure, as we have observed ourselves growing increasingly restive with each passing year and less inclined to tolerate anything that resembles in any way exuberance, positive or negative.

“I’d be dropping him tomorrow saying ‘we can’t stand this.’ I can’t stand it because why would you actually blue at your players when you’re not actually doing the same thing?”

Maclure’s huffing and sputtering might be over the top, but nothing about the Dons is so far in the Toyota 2018 AFL Premiership competition.

Perhaps Goddard would calm down if the Dons would actually gel and star producing as a team. Thus far in the season, the Bombers seem able only to beat sides from South Australia. The rest of the country seems to have their number and Essendon has yet to play either of the sides from New South Wales, so unless they could persuade the league to let them play the Crows and Port every week, the remainder of the season does not bode well for the possessors of the 13th rung of the ladder.