I’m a Celebrity Australia: What’s the Tips on the Outright Winner?

I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here is in the middle of their smashing fourth season in Oz.

With Australian celebrities including funny guys Peter Rowsthorn and Fiona O’Loughlin, our very own international model Simone Holtznagel, singer Shannon Noll and middle weight champion Danny Green fighting it out for the championship, it is a mish mash of personalities, opinions and values in the jungle.

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Josh Gibson is known for being a leading player in the AFL. As a kind and patient guy, he is popular with everyone – especially the host Julia it seems. He has struck a special mateship with Pete and is always up for a prank and a laugh. Kerry Armstong is a beautiful, well-known actress who stars in Seachange, who’s great personality and calm nature sees her getting along with everyone – most of the time.

We have Jacqui, our renowned clairvoyant who can communicate with your energies and has told the teammates things that only they could have known. She is constantly astounding the contestants and recently gave a great reading to Simone where she brought forth news from the recently departed international model Cheryl Dawson.

The Line Up So Far

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Bernard Tomic left the heat of the jungle after only 3 nights. Mundine was a top contender, and also spoke the words “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”, stating the reason as missing his family. But was that the real reason? Many are saying that he did not want to break down the barriers that have been built up over the years between him and Green. Is that true?

Shannon Noll is currently a favourite. With his good natured personality and forthrightness, it is easy to see why.

Tiffany is the only celebrity so far voted out, but of course we will see one go every week. There can only be one winner.

While the stunning and delightful Simone is sure to keep getting voted in by the public, she is currently running at the greatest odds – a huge 27 times the favourite. While he also seems to be her favourite, Josh is one to watch – his currently coming a close second.

Peter Rowsthorn and Danny Green are highly popular, and both have short odds. Fiona and Jackie are currently running at only slightly greater odds than Danny, and Kerry is sitting firmly in the middle between Shannon and Simone.

Bushtucker Trials

The team are all having their fair share of tucker trials, with Danny literally resting in a nest of vipers, Jacqui, Fiona and Peter put to the test of bungying from a hot air balloon at 150 metres and the entire team downing numerous vile concoctions made of the likes of raw offal, worms, fish eyes and tarantulas. Josh and Fiona were this week left to lie in a fast flowing torrent of water and an assortment of foul critters and creatures including maggots, fish blood, offal, intestines, cockroaches and elephant poo, while they tried in vain to reach for those yellow stars to save the ever hungry troops.


With the advent of two English Newcomers into the jungle anything could happen. How will this affect the teammates and their popularity ratings? Although very new on the scene Paul is an interesting chap with a good many secrets and news due to his career as a butler in Buckingham Palace. Vicky Pattison is well known in the UK – her fun and bubbly personality has made her a popular reality TV show star, and now presenter. It is not unheard of that newcomers take away the top prize.

Every celebrity has a charity and the contestants have come in with some great causes.

How are you going to place your punt on the I’m a Celebrity winner? Will you go for the favourite, your favourite or somewhere in the middle? Anything can happen in the jungle.

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