Hunter Becomes Hunted as Police Track Him Down for Drink Driving

Today would be a good day to be someone other than Western Bulldogs player Lachie Hunter.

Recent events have caused him to surrender his role as vice-captain, which obviously removes him from the leadership group.

At the same time, we can recall being 25 years old and not always in possession of our best common sense.

Hunter got drunk, got behind the wheel, and crashed into other vehicles early on last Thursday evening. The police contacted him at teammate Billy Gowers’ residence.

A blood alcohol test administered to Hunter returned a blood alcohol level of 0.123, about two-and-a-half times the maximum permissible level.

The topper is that Hunter and the teammate who drove him to Gowers’ place, Bailey Smith, were fined by the police for ignoring Covid-19 restrictions.

Yes, social distancing is harder for young men of 25, but Hunter showed the same lack of good judgement even those of us of the older set experience when excessive amounts of adult beverages are consumed.

The Western Bulldogs handed Hunter a four game suspension. We assume that suspension will be enforced if and when the AFL resumes. Hunter was also fined $5,000 by the club. We assume Hunter will pay the $5,000 when he resumes drawing his normal compensation.

Hunter is fortunate that his drink driving did not result in permanent injury or death to some bystander, but it is likely that all bystanders were off the street.

The Dogs laid some other fines on Hunter, fines totaling $15,000 above the initial $5,000, but those additional fines were suspended.

“I’d like to express my deepest apologies and regret for my actions last Thursday night,” Hunter said in a video statement.

Far better than shallow apologies and shallow regret.

Hunter might be able to tap his mates for some of the funds needed to cover his fines. Gowers was let off with a suspended fine and Smith was let off scot-free.

He will have to pay for the damage he did to the vehicles he hit, which has us wondering if body shops are considered essential businesses.