Horn Hopes to Feast on Mundine Friday at Suncorp

The bookies and boxing punters do not fancy Anthony Mundine for his fight with Jeff Horn Friday night at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium.

Ladbrokes has it $1.17 Horn, $5.00 Mundine, while Neds has it tighter, with Horn $1.22 to Mundine $4.50, so the picture emerging is one of a boxer well past his prime taking on a younger boxer who has recently discovered that he is not and may never be in the same conversation with Terrence Crawford.

Horn saw his WBO welterweight title vanish in a ninth round TKO, but Horn was on unfamiliar ground in Las Vegas and the hostile environment made a return to Suncorp an appealing proposition.

There are still tickets available for any who would like to attend in person and some of the seats will cost less than the $59.95 main Event is charging.

There was a sticking point in the lead-up negotiations, with Horn wanting the fight to be held at a lower weight. Mundine is the bigger man and has fought as high as 79 kg. The two camps eventually settled on 71 kg.

All that transpired amidst talk by Horn trainer Glenn Rushton, who said that Horn was considering moving up in order to avoid the cutting he had to go to make weight for the Crawford fight.

“Does he look more like a super-welter or middle or does he still look more like he should be in welterweight?,” Rushton told AAP.

Most of us feel that it is easier to gain than to cut, so Horn’s situation is relatable. If he wants to fight Crawford for a chance to regain his welterweight title, he will have to eschew the chocolate and steak dinners he enjoyed while bulking up for Mundine.

The agreement for Horn v Mundine entails monetary penalties if either boxer should fail to make the 71 kg. catchweight, so it is Mundine trying to get by on a diet of rocket and liquid protein, while Horn, who has mainly fought at under 69 kg, is the one you will see ahead of you in the line at Macca’s.