High Coach Turnover in NRL Comes with the Territory

We like football. Maybe more than some others, but less than some, too.

As much as we do like footy, the last thing we would ever consider is taking a game we love as spectators and turn it into a job.

Other than being an official, the worst job in football would have to be head coach.

Win a premiership and you are shouted from the rooftops and the stools of every pub within a 100-kilometre radius, further perhaps.

Ah, but if the next year does not produce a championship, the reaper makes his appearance, except this reaper swings an axe rather than a scythe.

So, when we see that from a group of 16, over half, nine precisely, NRL coaches are facing the spectre of job separation, we can only feel gratitude that we are not in a similar position, other than the shouting part.

The Brisbane Broncos have Anthony Seibold on the in the inquisitor’s chamber. The Broncos made it to finals, barely, but the way they were sledged by Parramatta left Seibold with one foot out the door, a door not of his choosing.

The Broncos open the Telstra 2020 NRL Premiership competition with North Queensland. Lose that one and Seibold’ seat will get warmer, with the second round to find them playing the Rabbitohs.

Round 1 is in Townsville, Round 2 is in Brisbane and Round 3 finds the Broncos at Gold Coast.

If the Broncos fail to win two of their first three, will Seibold be around for the Round 4 match with Penrith Panthers?

Justin Holbrook is new with Gold Coast, but it would seem like he will have some grace period before he is blamed for the Titans and a second consecutive spoon might be the end of him.

It is an unrealistic expectation to see Holbrook move the club to finals, but that is the expectation all the same.

The other NRL coaches that have to get up and go to work each day with low job security are Adam O’Brien with Newcastle, Paul Green with North Queensland, Paul McGregor with St. George, Stephen Kearney with New Zealand, Ivan Cleary with Penrith and Mic Maguire with Wests.