Hamilton Sad to See McLaren and Williams Fall on Hard F1 Times

The winning drought F1 teams McLaren and Williams have endured would test the patience of Job.

Neither team has won a race since 2012 and they frequently start on the back of the grid.

Past success is no guarantee of future results foes the typical disclaimer, but the struggles of the two teams that have combined for 36 championships, either for individual drivers or for constructors, have gained the attention of Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton must have felt compelled to show some sympathy after he won the Russian Grand Prix after his teammate Valtteri Bottas was essentially stood down to pave the way for Hamilton.

McLaren has moved up to sixth in the constructor standings, but their top driver in 2018, Fernando Alonso, currently sits ninth on 50 points and their other driver has nothing but zeros to show for eight attempts this season.

Williams are dead last, left for dead, and dead in the water.

Hamilton began his career at McLaren, where he won his first world title in 2008. Commenting on the struggles the once mighty team is experiencing, he said, “I’ve never hidden the fact that it’s sad to see, naturally, just as it is sad to see a team that I grew up watching like Williams not be there. “It is crazy to think we’ve got Williams right at the back of the field who once had Nigel Mansell in the car and Damon Hill, winning championships.”

He went on to offer his views about how the way a team is run can have a massive impact on the results, but in the final examination, without fast, reliable cars to go along with bold, competent drivers, McLaren and Williams will be back markers for the foreseeable future.

The historical perspective shows that McLaren and Williams trail only Ferrari for race wins and titles, but close to seven years without a victory undoubtedly leaves a stain that will be hard to erase without a substantial infusion of resources and talent at every level of the team.