Gruden to Oversee Oakland Raiders Move from California to Nevada

ESPN commentator Jon Gruden is leaving the telecast booth to return as a Head Coach for the Oakland Raiders next season.

The deal is reportedly worth $100 million over 10 years and while you are letting that figure sink into your minds for a moment, we will offer the fearless prediction that Gruden will never last 10 years as the coach of the Raiders and it is highly doubtful that he will make it past five years. 

Gruden may have one of the finest minds in the game and he was certainly proficient in the TV broadcast booth, but current Raiders’ owner Mark Davis, son of legendary Raiders founder Al Davis, has the attention span of a may fly, so if Gruden makes one wrong move, or the Raiders start the 2018 season at 4 – 4, Gruden may find himself longing for the comfortable seat in the press box he has occupied for the past several years and not the hot one he will occupy with the Raiders. 

Mark Davis is also throwing money and tenure at the top assistant coaches in order to supply Gruden with some stability during the transition from Jack Del Rio to Gruden, but until he addresses some of the voids on the Raiders’ list, not even New England coaching genius Bill Belichick could resurrect the Raiders. 

The Raiders have some of the pieces in place and young quarterback Derek Carr seems to have the skill set and the intangibles to have a successful career, but Marshawn Lynch is not the answer at running back and neither is Michael Crabtree much of a leader of the receiving corp. 

Gruden has 11 seasons’ worth of experience as a Head Coach, compiling a record of 95 – 81. The math of Gruden’s contract shows that each one of Gruden’s 95 wins came at a price of just over $1 million each.