Golden State Warriors Need Minutes and Productivity from Bogut

Only yesterday, we were doing some price comparisons between bookmakers and found zero difference in the quotes on the Golden State Warriors in game two of their playoff series with the Los Angeles Clippers. There may have been a penny’s difference in the prices.

There was quite a range on the Clippers, so anyone who had the ability to foretell the future who took the Clippers might have a pocketful of cash today. We saw the range on LA running from $8.25 to $9.00.

The Clippers went down by eight at the end of the first quarter. Golden State extended the lead to 23 points at the conclusion of the first half. From that point, the Warriors stopped fighting and they were outscored by LA by nine points in the third quarter.

No one told Golden State that NBA games are four quarters in length, because they shut down and were outscored 41 -23 in the fourth quarter to surrender the game to the Clippers by the final score of 135 -131.

The Clippers made history for recording the biggest comeback in the history of the NBA playoffs.

Is it any wonder punters die young, with grey or no hair and dumbstruck expressions frozen on their faces when the lid is closed?

The news gets worse.

Golden State Centre DeMarcus Cousins tore his quadriceps muscle chasing a loose ball in the first quarter and is done for the season.

Golden State will need to get major production from Kevon Looney, Damian Jones and Andrew Bogut.

It would seem as though those three can carry the load, but coach Steve Kerr is going to have to juggle his lineup to cover the gap created by Cousin’s injury, which came at the worst possible time.

Bogut has experience playing for Golden State, but he is a reclamation project that played in the NBL season past. Looney averages about 12.5 minutes a game under normal circumstances, although he saw around 18 minutes per game during the regular season. Jones is a work in progress and did not play in the last five games.