From Pan to Fire McGovern Linked to Carlton Blues for 2019

It is typically rats that desert a sinking ship, not crows, but Adelaide forward Mitch McGovern wants to get out while the getting is good.

He has requested a trade, even though he has two years remaining on his contract.

It is important to remember that McGovern requested the trade and did not demand a trade. A 23-year-old player with just 48 career games for the Crows should show the appropriate degree of respect to those who showed the faith to give him a job in an industry where expectations are difficult to determine reliably and even more difficult to meet on the ground.

For their part, the Crows are willing to part with McGovern, provided they can get, in their view, adequate compensation.

“We are open minded and happy to explore the options available with Mitch and his manager,” Burton told the club’s website. “However, the needs of the Club will be held as a high priority in any possible negotiation, especially given he is a contracted player.”

In the good old days, which were truly not that good and not all that long ago, at least from the perspective of the players, someone who tried McGovern’s move would quickly learn about life on the bench or in the VFL.

McGovern’s fate may be far worse. He has been linked to Carlton, the rough equivalent of AFL Siberia, for the moment at least. The Crows would probably demand the Blues’ first pick in the draft, which should be something high in the first round, provided that said prospect can demonstrate that his mind has not been tampered with.

There was much banter between the commentators on the panel of Fox Footy’s On The Couch, but former great Paul Roos had the last word when he asked, “Why would you want to go from Adelaide to Carlton?”

McGovern may be acting on a post-hypnotic suggestion implanted in his brain during the ill-conceived psychological experiment the players on the club underwent at the hands of Collective Minds.