France Gets Extra Day to Rest and Prepare for England or Croatia

While you were sleeping blissfully without care, we were hard at work, wide awake while the majority of the country slept.

While you tossed and turned, unable to rest peacefully out of concern for the ability of the Hawthorn Hawks to get by the Brisbane Lions in Tasmania, we were hard at work.

What were we doing when we should have been slumbering?

We were keeping odd hours in order to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-final between France and Belgium. Chained to our desks, ankles chaffing from the restraints, we remained alert so that you would not have to be vigilant. We also had heavy weights fastened to our wrists, just to make it fair to the other writers.

Actually, the desk to which we were chained was in actuality a cozy recliner and the only thing providing any resistance to our wrists were the schooners, one in each hand so as to maintain our balance, as we are too well acquainted with the risks of recliner surfing with one empty hand. We had to watch on a big screen TV. We do not mind suffering for the sake of our reader. Also, our phones lack the juice to watch an entire football game.

Speaking of good measures, here is the spoiler alert. Anyone who has not already stopped reading and would like to watch their recording of the France versus Belgium match must absolutely stop now.

You have been warned.

France beat Belgium 1 – nil.

That was a mildly ironic outcome, as it was identical to the score by which Les Bleus beat the Socceroos in the opening match of Group play.

If you insist on watching the replay, you can skip the first 45 minutes and fast forward to the 51st minute, when Sam Umiti headed in the only goal of the affair off a corner by Antoine Griezmann.

From that point, it seemed as though the Belgians were determined to equalise only if they could beat Paul Pogba, but Pogba shut down everything that came his way and controlled possession for the entirety of the final 39 minutes plus six minutes of injury time.