Finger Pointing at Manly Sea Eagles Escalates

Some years ago, the Pope closed Limbo, but the lower case version limbo is still around and one of the prominent current inhabitants is Manly’s Trent Barrett.

The Eagles have announced Des Hasler as their coach for the 2019 Telstra Premiership competition, even though the incumbent Barrett is still on the books as the club’s coach through July of 2019.

Just as those who made it to the afterlife Limbo before Benedict XVI shut it down in 2007, sports limbo tends to bring out the philosopher in those trapped, with an uncertain future, but hope of eventual deliverance to the Gates of Paradise.

Barrett was one such when he told Channel 9, “It is what it is and we’ll work through it and we’ll see how we go,” in referring to talks with his management. I’ve got no idea what’s happening at the minute. That’s all I can say, sorry.”

Manly Chairman and majority owner Scott Penn is standing firm on the idea that they have no intention of honouring the remainder of Barrett’s contract, at least so far as paying out the remainder of the term is concerned.

“No, that’s not something we’ve discussed and we will pay him in accordance to his contact,” Penn said. “That was how (Barrett) was brought into the club, as head coach. I think that the reality is that he’s resigned from that position so the club has to protect its position. This is not personal, this is just as a company we need to protect our position and make sure that we’ve got continuity of service for 2019.”

Now, we have no animas toward Penn, in fact, we quite enjoyed him in “Dead Man Walking” and “Milk,” but in matters such as these, we tend to side with the working man.

Penn seemed to be more concerned with the club’s salary cap management issues, but if Hasler does not produce results, he might soon be looking for his fourth situation following his current and previous stint with Manly and six years with Canterbury.