FIBA Finds Lucrative Revenue Source Named Bogut

FIBA don’t like no sore losers, it said in effect when making a raid on Andy Bogut’s pockets because Bogie was upset at losing a basketball game to Spain in the semi-final of the 2019 FIBA World Cup Basketball tournament in China.

Yes, Bogie looks all fair dinkum most of the time, but he has a dark side.

He dislikes losing.

That was quite a spray he unleashed as he was exiting the arena following the double overtime loss.

If we were fined every time we issued a similar utterance, we would be in the doghouse permanently. A doghouse without food, electricity or running water.

We took Bogut’s advice and Googled FIBA to determine the location of their f****** headquarters and learned that it is in the same building as their main administration centre, in the Swiss town of Mies, on the coast of Lake Geneva.

FIBA responded by fining Bogut 8,000 Swiss Francs, because, well, Switzerland is not a member of the EU, so they do not have to use euros.

Small wonder that LeBron, Ben Simmons and some other basketball notables declined to take part in the tournament. Far too costly, far too little return.

Bogut is apparently more popular in China than Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey, because the Chinese kept their knickers properly adjusted despite Bogut free speechifying about a certain Chinese swimmer who appears to routinely flaunt PED prohibitions.

It’s okay to speak your truth in China, so long as the truth has the approval of the government, so there was no free-speech backlash when Bogut was the recipient of, in his words, “A barrage of death threats, sexual violence threats and vile abuse you wouldn’t spew to your worst enemy”.

To the best of our knowledge, Boomers merchandise has not been removed from Chinese stores, although we have to admit that we do not know if there ever were any Boomers kits for sale.

Sports used to be more fun than this.

Now, excuse us while we play our Chinese fiddle while Hong Kong burns.